Australian Politician Wears a Burqa into Senate

An Australian Senator, Pauline Hanson, wore burqa during her daily question answers session in the Senate on Thursday. She was wearing the full burqa which also covers the eyes along with the rest of the body.

It was a rather unique and fun incident. As you can see in the video below, this wasn’t the true intention of the women behind it but nonetheless, seeing an Australian Senator in a full burqa is a unique thing.

It’s not what it seems like though since it was an effort to get the burqa banned by the Senate. However, the move fired back and the Attorney General George Brandis took notice of her action by issuing a warning to the leader of the right-wing One Nation party, and termed it offensive to “religious sensibilities of other Australians”.

George further said,

Senator Hanson, I’m not going to pretend to ignore the stunt that you have tried to pull today by arriving in the chamber dressed in a burqa when we all know you are not an adherent of the Islamic faith. To ridicule that community, to drive it into a corner, to mock its religious garments, is an appalling thing to do, and I would ask you to reflect on your behaviour.

This is not the first time Senator Hanson and her party has opposed Muslim norms. She defended the rallies which demanded a ban on the burqa in 2015 and also called for a ban on Muslim immigration in 2016.

The Attorney General remarked that he had no intention of banning the burqa, which was applauded by the chamber. He also said,

We have about half a million Australians in this country of the Islamic faith, and the vast majority of them are law abiding, good Australians, and Senator Hanson, it [burqa] is absolutely consistent with being a good law abiding Australian and a strict, adherent, Muslim.

Senator Sam Dastyari bashed Hanson on account of her racial discrimination labelling her as a “threat to national security” and a “disgrace”. After the public and Senate response, we are pretty sure Hanson won’t be repeating this stunt any time soon.

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  • Hearing what Attorney General George Brandis said, its kind of amazing how involved he was with his words.

      • It keeps a good woman safe from bad eyes of bad people. It protects the beautiful as well as less beautiful or say no pretty woman from being taunted or fake praising just to trap her. It has so many advantages but only for those who do not wanna show their ! Got it ? And beyond this all it is order of God for woman to cover herself when goes outside home.

        • What a senseless arguement

          Then why not blindfold the men instead? Since acc to you its men who got bad eyes…..btw you know that womwn also stare at men with the so called *bad eyes* right? Then i guess men should also be wearing Burkhas…no?

          You’re an uneducated orthodox fool….these rules were created by men….dont be such a fool trying to hide your flaws and stupidity behind the nae of God….btw there is no God

          Also i hope you know that women in Burkha also get raped and abducted

          • Its senseless for you and for all non muslim people who have no sense and mind to understand the logics. First of all Its Order from Allah and We all muslims has to obey.. If you dont believe in GOD its your fault.

              • Absolutely Logical and beyond every single creator’s mind/imagination. Allah is the Lord of the Worlds. He is Allah, the One!
                Allah, the eternally Besought of all!
                He begetteth not nor was begotten.
                And there is none comparable unto Him.

          • I respect your stance but I would like to tell you that if old Orthodox are fool then it is better to be this fool bcz it has less disadvantages then todays modern life. As far as rape is concerned u can check ratio of different countries and compare it to islamic countries. So burqa is used to stop obscenity this is the most primary target. There is nothing like teasing women and all that stupid stuff. Islam is the one which has given women the social rights. Don’t see the muslims of today see the history what our prophet era consisted of. So dear God exists i wish u would be present b4 me and i could make u several proofs here it is difficult to right and make u clear. But i will say u that look at the system of universe how can it be run without God ? Even a car cant be made itself ? Can it be ???? Tell ? No ! So this complex life is structured by some one. God is the only proof of all the physical phenomenon happening in this world. Rest good luck. One day every 1 will die and soon will know in how much illusion he was living.

            • “As far as rape is concerned u can check ratio of different countries and compare it to islamic countries.”

              LOL the ratio of rape viewpoint. Let me tell you something, in most most Muslim countries, if a woman tries to report rape, she is automatically suspect. Here, in Pakistan, police will not register case, and if they do woman has risk of being accused of fornication. You can find lots and lots of reports of such problems in news papers from 1980s onwards. Therefore most women DO NOT report rape in Pakistan.

              “So burqa is used to stop obscenity this is the most primary target.”

              Absolutely NOT TRUE. It is widely reported that in countries like Egypt where women are fully wearing niqab, they are STILL harassed on the streets by youths. Why do you think it is not true in Pakistan? Clearly you have not spent much time in smaller city markets. In Pakistan eve teasing occurs whether woman is “fully dressed” or not.

              Next, burqa is a LOCAL tradition dress. Women in rural religous parts of Algeria, Libya, Jordan, etc etc do not wear same dress. Burqa is a LOCAL invention.

              ” Islam is the one which has given women the social rights.”

              But on the same time do not forget that Muslim countries are the ones that TAKE AWAY those rights. Why so many fights in National Assembly about women’s rights? Who is leading the battle AGAINST giving women rights? That’s right… JUI and parties like that.

              “God is the only proof of all the physical phenomenon happening in this world.”

              Listen, I understand you have not had your faith tested. That is why you say things like the above. But the FACT is if there was 100% PROOF then there would be no need for FAITH.

              FAITH and PROOF are two opposites. You can have FAITH that PROOF exists, but if you actually see PROOF then you don’t need FAITH. Islam is a faith.

  • Double standards of the west. On one hand they pretend to promote freedom of expression but on the other hand they try to restrict muslim freedom of expression.

    • Unfortunately the Islamic version of freedom of expression comes at the cost of freedom of expression of non muslims…which a developed advanced society of Australia cannot tolerate

      Cant blame them…

      • Full of BS. How Muslim freedom of expression comes at the cost of non muslims? Do they have to follow any single Islamic law? Absolutely not. They have to follow government law which muslims have to do the same in non muslim countries.

        Most importantly judging from your name you are probably hindu. You must be blind not to see that Hindus in India stops others especially muslims not to eat cow meat.

        So hindu freedom of expression comes at the cost of muslim freedom of expression. Thats for sure.

  • She should have attired bikinis and would have represented her culture in good manners.

    • And Why are you(probably a hindu or non-believer ) commenting on Islamic Norms and Culture
      And yes go ask your mom to wear a bikini and dance in your neighborhood :P
      Try to learn and respect others religion and culture what the hell is wrong with you
      People like you spread hatred in the community. Grow Up Man

      • Man i wont take this discussion any further just that you should mind your own business and don’t butt into others religious and cultural beliefs. do whatever you want to do with yourself and your own family go ask your sister to wear it and proudly walk into the bazaar streets and enjoy your 21st century based liberty.
        If that infuriates you then you have got my point.if not then you are own your own and me with my own beliefs
        Also saying i’m backward bcuz i’m religious is so childish ( but that’s not your fault your are still a teen though). Remember economic success and advancement comes from hardworking honest and skillful masses i repeat hardwork and honesty and is the key to success. Not any religious or irreligious beliefs or by wearing bikiniz or not allowing burqa
        I will be successful in my work and life only if I’m hardworking and honest and have got the required skills not by my beliefs and thoughts. Hence a society is civilized as long as its people are honest hardworking and skillful and not by these liberties take these virtues out and your so called civilized societies crumble into pieces.
        Our country could become the next global success story if we got honesty harkworking and skillfulness in our people and not by your liberties.

        • Likewise you should mind your own business and not poke ur nose into matters like why western women wear bikinis….unlike you primitive cave dwelling monkeys they happen to be humans

          A religious society remains backward….hence all Islami. Nations are backward…..No Nobel prizes in Science (just one though)…no modern day inventions….at the bottom in innovation and technology….while all agnostic/atheist societies have progressed like China. Your economic and social success will NEVER come….it will come only after your womwn join the workforce….Pakistan had recruited female fighter pilots into service way before India…infact India is yet to recruit them….do these fighter pilots of 0ak wear Burkhas and hide in their homes? LOL…NO they dont cos their parents were educated smart and intellectual enough to realise whats right and whats wrong….unlike i bet your own mother and sister who i bet get treated like cattles at your home

    • Moderator agar mera comment approve nahi kiya hai toh kya opper waalay shiva sahab ka kya theek hai

          • You try to ridicule someone attire and ethical values but if same is said about you become an intolerant ass

          • Well some prefer Skinny while others curvy :P
            I prefer the former one :P any problem with that ?

              • I never saw her that early childhood pic probably you have seen her in that age
                dont tell me you yourself are into kids…………..:P man thats embarrassing

                • Nah…none of the adult women in my family wears burkha….we dont force our adult women to wear burkha while lurking onto underage kids as in your case

                  • Man you started underage kids talk and now putting the blame on me thats not cool not cool at all dude
                    You yourself said ….”if Taylor was 6 yo i guess you would like her even more”
                    that sounds fishy to me as it clearly indicates your interests :P like you have some sort of experience in such types of activities man you need to find a good doctor for yourself

            • I am extremely surprised, Admin always stats scanning our comments to avoid offence material….and now what the hell is going out here?? this bloody indian is barking & doing profanity….& Admin is watching like this is some kind of entertainment?????????

                • This is the actual confusion…all the evil forces are gathered to attack us, but what is our plan? what is our preparation to defend us?? The attack on our Holly Personalities are increasing day by day… can we be patient? It so difficult…so hurting

                  • Shiva the destroyer and the like are ignorant people and when they have no point to support their argument get personal and use abusive language and my conviction is that the Disquss admin is patronizing such comments to continue getting clicks from Muslim crowd. I have decided to unsubscribe in protest and suggest the same for you, Muslim Knight and Bilal Majeed and others.

                    • No abusive comment i have made so far….you’re simply not educated enough to engage in an intellectual arguement

                  • Iss comment kay baad mujhe tumhara sara civilized nature pata chal chukka hai tumhray sath aagy aur behis karna fazool hai

              • Most prolly the admin agRees with my point of view and thinks thats its you who is doing the barking here….

              • You are not arguing with a point of view , you are just spitting hate, maybe you are getting paid , I am not.

                  • I am sorry but you do not know what you are talking or writing. Do you know the requirements of Hijab in Sharia? If not, I would suggest that you read about it and then give an argument with a mindset to learn and not to spread hate or hurt others Beliefs. OK. By the way, I am a scientific person and believe in learning, if there is some positive comments from you I would definitely reply but if there is the same childish comments like in the past then keep barking and picking up your checks from whoever is your sponsor.

              • Right! Think he is a pervert and gets pleasure in hurting others.Somehow, he needs treatment, and, to ignore him is the best treatment he can get. (mind you! he will come with some comment on this comment) LOL

      • This is not about kiski ammi kya pehnti hen?? ye log to pedaishi begherat hote hen, magar hamare Admin ko kya hogya he?? seriously it seems like facebook & twitter’s Jew owners…who doesn’t care about blasphemy content

  • yahan to non Muslims (jo burqay k khilaf hain). or especially indians ko aag laggai ye news parh kar…

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