Razer Announces The World’s Longest Lasting Wireless Mouse

Companies that make gaming peripherals are often ignored by the mainstream users for the lack of a general all purpose product. Razer is one of those companies, and has a large catalog of products mostly ignored by the average joe.

However their latest product is something that hits home for a lot of people. Meet the Razer Atheris wireless mouse with a battery life that beats every other mouse in the world:

Without breaking the wallet, the Atheris takes away whatever range anxiety you have with wireless products, with a phenomenal 350-hour battery on a single AA battery set.

Most of us (for the most part) don’t need blazing clicking speeds, tons of additional buttons and that custom Chroma RGB lighting (which can be synchronized), which is why Atheris is perfect for the masses.

It is equipped with a 7200 DPI optical sensor, not bad for a workhorse mouse. Its ambidextrous design makes sure that, whatever your orientation, the experience always remains smooth (which is not always the case with gaming mice).

Good for Occassional Gaming Too

The Atheris still offers 5 programmable buttons (3 normal ones plus two on the left side for forward and back) for the occasional gamer, though, there is no traditional Razer lighting to lure the hardcore audience.

At 66g (including batteries) it is light enough that you can throw it in your bag and take it for a commute alongside your laptop.

The IPS speed can go up to 220, while battery life is said to last at least 300 hours, depending on connection. There’s also the Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT) custom-built by Razer (which determines battery life, too) which makes sure you stay online and don’t lose coverage.

It uses a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth dongle to connect with your laptop or desktop. Buttons can be customized with the Razer Synapse 3 software, which the more hardcore bunch among you is already familiar with.

Price and Availability

The Atheris can be yours for just $50, with the availability set to start in the last quarter of 2017. Be sure to keep an eye out on an online store if you’re interested.

  • I have got Logitech m185, I cant vouch for it but its my estimate after using it for about 10 months and changing only 2 cells so far, that this thing lasts more than 4 months of daily about 10 hour usage on a single AA Cell. Its a pretty good and cheap one.

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