Here’s How LED Streamers are Redefining Digital Outdoor Advertising in Lahore

Today’s advertisers face a major challenge. As the average attention span of a consumer continues to shrink more and more, its very difficult for advertisements to connect and resonate with their target audience in an effective manner.

This is where active media such as Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising comes in, helping to capture the interest and emotions of today’s more socially-conscious and increasingly mobile consumer.

Given this highly mobile consumer, influencing their purchasing decisions is easier said than done. What is needed is a highly visible form of advertisement that can help brands sway their consumers their way.

Enter LED Streamers

When we talk about tapping into today’s consumer, we are going to talk about the biggest, most visible and prominently digital way of doing it – with LED streamers.

LED streamers, especially if they are installed at some of the most commercial thoroughfares in the city, can increase business and commercial activity. A survey by MOVE has also shown the same.

Imagine an LED Streamer being installed in Lahore, one of the busiest cities in Pakistan, Lahore is more than just the country’s cultural capital, and that makes it perfect for the use of LED Streamers. These streamers cover a distance of 1,500 meters, attracting a large number of customers from far and wide when it comes to advertising and marketing messages.

You can find out more about how they work here:

Advertising in Numbers

The LED Streamers have been placed on Model Town Link Road, Kasuri Road and MM Alam road. In a city of 15 million people, these commercial areas are the most popular in Lahore.

Lets talk about Model Town first. It is a posh area that is home to 100,00 people. The area is also home to a lot of shops and big brands. Thousands of people go through this route given that Major Hypermarts such as Metro, Victoria, TGS and more are connected via the link road. So you can imagine, the traffic that goes from Model Town to Johar Town and many other adjoining areas on a daily basis is astronomical to say the least.

Now lets get to Kasuri Road. There are numerous shops all along the route, catering to a wide audience who want to purchase anything from groceries to electronics to clothes. Just imagine the customers strolling around, not sure about what to buy at the numerous shops in the area. But if they were to see an LED streamer that serves dynamic and engaging ads at a glance, most of these potential customers could be converted into sales right away. Brand recall at its finest.

To get a rough estimate, MOVE conducted a research and found that an average of 50,000 to 60,000 cars commute using the M.M. Alam Road alone. A DOOH advertising platform in that particular area can reach up to 850,000 people and have over 4.5 million impacts.

Essentially, there are a total of four key battlegrounds for a consumer to overcome:

  • Initial consideration set
  • Active evaluation
  • Moment of purchase
  • Postpurchase experience & loyalty loop

In all of the phases, a digital advertisement persuades them into taking action. Active media such as LED streamers can make those sales count in highly commercial areas. Given how much potential is left untapped when it comes to the advertising industry in Pakistan, LED streamers can definitely usher in a revolution in this area.