WHO Reveals The Reason Behind Recent Dengue Outbreak

The World Health Organization recently published a report on the outbreak of a huge number of dengue cases in Peshawar. The report shows that the main reason behind such a dengue outbreak and its continuous growth is the large number of uncovered water containers that are found in the open or in private residences.

Just yesterday, Deputy Commissioner Peshawar, Saqib Raza Aslam, said that the number of affected patients has risen to 830 whereas 5 cases of death have been reported from various hospitals. The first case was filed on 20th July, and the number of cases has been on the rise ever since.

The DC says that a comprehensive anti-dengue plan is being implemented which will comprise of teams that will visit the most affected areas of Tehkal and Peshtakhara Bala to try and control the spread of the deadly virus. He added,

The areas of union council 38 and 39 of Tehkal and Peshtakara Bala were mostly affected by this virus.

Following the number of cases that were being reported, a team from WHO comprising of 5 members came to the capital of KPK to investigate the reason behind the outbreak. Data for the research was collected from two main areas – Gujran Muhalla and Tehkal.

The final results of the report reveal that 87% of the samples collected from various water containers in the Tehkal area tested positive for the dengue virus. Similarly, 79% out of the 19 samples collected from water containers in Gujran Muhallah also tested positive.

These areas are home to a large number of mechanics and wood workshops which have water storage compartments that are left out in the open and become the breeding grounds for the dengue infected mosquitos.

Medical experts say that early detection and treatment of the virus can lower its fatality rate down to below 1%, while a delay in its treatment could prove fatal.

  • Mr. Kaptan never gets tire of praising his Goverment in KPK. This epidemics remove the veneer of PTI’s Government in KPK.

  • A very good step taken to do research and finding out the root cause of dengue. Now it can be better controlled. We should implement such studies all across Pakistan.

  • Governor of KPK, should be thankful for the assistance sent by Punjab instead of criticizing it. One should rise above politics and provinces for the benefit of the people of Pakistan.

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