Increased Internet Bills Surprise Users

Punjab Government had decided to impose 19.5% sales tax on internet services three months ago, which was to come into effect this July.

The taxes have officially come into effect as people are seeing an increase in their internet bills after the month of July ended. Some are even wondering if there’s something wrong with their bills.

It was also reported that the students using an internet package under Rs 1500 would be exempted from the taxes.

The new taxes are finally being charged and it has left people wondering about the reasons behind enhanced internet bills.


If you looked at your PTCL broadband bill from July 2017, you would have noticed the increase in Service Tax.

Applicable from July, the internet service providers in Punjab have started charging 19.5% tax (as seen in the Service Tax below) as per the decision taken by the government three months ago.


Before Internet Tax (Left) vs. After Internet Tax (Right)

The first PTCL bill is of June, shows a Service tax of Rs. 39. The PTCL bill for the same package from July shows an increase in Service Tax to Rs. 234.

In addition to this, there’s also a minute increase in the withholding tax.

Experts have warned against taxing Pakistan’s booming IT sector in order to spur growth. Measures such as the enhanced internet tax will prove to be disadvantageous to the growth in Pakistan’s internet users, who currently grew by 40 million in the past 3 years.

Many telcos are also expected to increase their mobile data rates if they haven’t done so already.

    • Ishaq Dar has no control on any tax imposed by provinces on Internet services provided within a province.

  • Lanati PTCL Walay Boltay Hain K Govt Ne Tax Barhaaya Hai… Maana Govt Ne Barhaaye Hai Lekin Bhosri K Tum Loug Package Sassta Kar Dou… Ager Tax 4mb Pe 400 Rupay Barha Hai Tau Tum Loug Package Pe Rs.400 Kamm Kar Dou Bhen K Takkay!

  • Last month Service Tax on my bill wast Rs.49, Its 639 this month. My phone bill was Rs.3700+ for 8Mbps. Its 4300+ now.

  • WTF is going on here. no one is saying anything to them. they just want money out of ppl and dont think about users using internet as they will go down day by day now.

  • Say no to tax. we earned one time and pay taxes almost 30 times on same one time income.
    income tax
    wealth tax
    sales tax
    wh tax
    service tax
    road tax
    property tax
    excise duty
    token tax
    petro l tax
    additional tax

    special taxes :)
    kanjer tax for govt enjoyment
    lantee tax for govt luxary
    kuta tax for govt bhoonkays

    We deman that there should be no tax on anything, only zakat and usher.
    if govt need money for development then work and earn. they already have petrol, electricty, phone, water & sewer, pia, railway etc for making money.

    No tax = No poor.

    • Yes there should be no tax, government should take loan from IMF/ World Bank or should print currency bills.

      • why would they need loan?, if they can work out.
        they have all the resources, just need to utilize, which required to move their heavy Asses!

      • Abhi to jaise leti hi nahi.
        Qarza mulk k naam pe letay hain kha khud jaatay hain.

        Mulk ko qarzay main dobae ja rhe hain bas sab mil kar.

      • Already have PTCL connection at home with monthly bill Rs ~3700. Using wi-tribe at hostel (@ Rs ~2400) makes little sense for me. Will switch to MBB.

  • 19.5% Service Tax, Punjab imposed it now, other provinces are already charging it, so punjabians, don’t scream

    • Please elaborate mechanism of transfer of money from what is collected by Punjab Revenue Dept or FBR’s accounts to Panama?

      • They started some expensive project like metro and send huge amount of money abroad via foreign shell companies. You can read the recent story about Multan metro how Punjab government sent money to China via their own shell company

        • Nam k sharifs ko bhagnay ki pari hai ab. The things they are doing now, they are all acceptable. Only if IK did these things then people like the guy above me and these s. h. i. t. s in government would start blaming him. Nobody bats an eye when that Duck Donald Trump threatened. No official response there and then from the Government. They are businessmen at their core, and they are here to earn money. Kch khatay hain to kch lagatay hain wali logic na dain to behtr hai.

      • Tax collected by FBR goes to national finance, Finance minister aproves a development project like metro and govt buys Sariya from Shareef Iron mill paying the same money to Shareef Iron Mill. also giving contract to a company who pays kickback in panama, for expensive contract from govt.

  • Yeah and Aamir has the gall to claim that Pakistan is a good country for IT. The government and people here are totally against technology. The government is against it because it means they have less control over the people. The people are against it because the mullahs can’t stop hating on technology.

  • Arre ap lOG Discussion m tO bhOul he gae 1 mOst impOrtant bande kO..
    Where is AbdulWahab..??

  • My local cable wala is charging WHT from ages.
    Last year khatam ho chuka hai Sindh main WHT phir bhi liay ja rhe hain.

  • یہ حرام خور دونوں ہاتھوں عوام کو لوٹ رہے ہیں. اور بجاۓ یہ پیسے عوم پے لگنے کے یہ اپنی جیبیں بھر رہے ہیں.

  • PTCL is charging for voice when I dont even have telephone and asked them to turn the it off but cant as PTCL says it is a compulsory gift for Subscribers as freedom Package where line-rate is fixed.

    If you are in Islamabad – go to Nayatel – the Number 1 best and reliable service

  • Kindly explain calculation of taxes on PTCL Bill. Service charges and Wht.
    total services charges are 1825 and with taxes it is 2420.

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