How to Down The Sacrificial Animal The Right Way [Video]

Eid ul Azha is drawing near and with it the demand for sacrificial animals rises as well. Everyone’s trying their best to get hands on the healthiest animals for the holy occasion.

Eid ul Azha is celebrated with great religious fervor amongst Muslims the world over. This year’s Eid will be celebrated on September 2 in Pakistan.

One thing we’ve often observed during countless Eid-ul-Azha is the inhumane manner in which the animals are sacrificed in our country. There are dreadful scenes of downing a cow, often in a brutal way. This in turn leads to a hellish experience for the butchers, the passerbys and the animal itself. Accidents tend to happen this way as well.

It may not be funny as the title of the above video suggests, because it can be very dangerous, especially if kids are around. We all know how normally kids (and even adults) tend to gather around and watch the ‘tamasha.’

It’s easy to sacrifice small animals like goats and sheep, but we have often observed that even these poor animals are not sacrificed in a painless manner.

What’s the Solution then?

Well, there’s a very easy method, and it involves a rope only.

All you have to do is to tie the rope around the animal (cows, buffaloes, camels etc.) in a manner that even a slight push puts the animal down without hurting anyone.

You can see this relatively painless method of restraining your sacrificial animal in this video:

Problem solved! You don’t have to run behind your animal all day. You can avoid accidents and enjoy Eid as its meant to be celebrated – with feasts and time with your family and closed ones.

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  • Beware of Mosami Qasai Log, Please don’t put your animals in misery. Always hire a professional Qasai paying 1k or 2k more will at least save your animal from severe sufferings.

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