A Slice From Heaven: Here’s How This Lahore-Based Girl is Redefining Cakes

Her cakes are awesome; they look as much amazing as much they taste good. They appear as mesmerizing as the reflection of sun on a snow-clad peak.

The detail on the design is so intricate as if it were an art piece conceived and crafted after thorough deliberation.

It must be extremely challenging to cut such art pieces but the result is not disappointing because devouring these cakes is a gratifying experience.

Rabya Faisal is one of the most successful cake bakers of Lahore but she is truly humble about her fortune. Rabya says that she started from scratch and this fact never strays far from her mind.

Sharing that she doesn’t bake cakes but rather creates them because she doesn’t like to replicate a recipe, Rabya calls herself an artist who is not afraid of experimenting with her work and that’s the reason that she is always able to better her work both in terms of design and taste.

She admits that had she been hesitant in her experimental approach, she might not have been able to make a name for herself. Rabya loves to let the horses of her imagination loose to fetch unseen imagery into her work.

She recollects that once she started getting regular orders, her husband decided to make a brand of their cakes and name it ‘Redolence: A bake studio’. Rabya lovingly attributes her success to her husband’s support. “He has been my anchor and has been instrumental in making Redolence what it is today.”

Rabya Faisal has a degree in food science and understands the chemistry of ingredients she uses in her cakes. Starting off as a home-based baker, with an occasional order at the beginning, she now has the team of about 20 people – the biggest in Lahore – in her bake studio.

Rabya bakes customised cakes every day and despite having a big team, she personally looks after each order and makes every type of cake. She can transform any concept into a baked confection that stirred aspiration of any artists and food lover alike.

She is aware that taste is the prime feature of her product, and acknowledges that no matter how good looking her cake will be if it doesn’t taste good, people will not buy it.

But the most inspiring thing about Rabya is not her cakes but her journey of becoming an entrepreneur from a housewife.

She attributes her dedication to her work as a primary catalyst for the success she has achieved. “I worked late at night and then started early, managed the house and tended to my children but never compromised on my work. Probably this is the reason Allah has blessed us so bountifully.”

And perhaps we all can learn this lesson from Rabya’s inspirational story.

  • Does she paid you guys? Because there are tons of cake makers out there making better than her and doing it for almost a decade.

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  • Inspirational Story Rabya! I wish more and more women make their dreams come true by being brave and following their passion. Good luck to you

  • Everytime a woman does something extraordinary, this patriarchal society has to bring her down either by their attitude or by their words…and this is exactly what the comments here show. Rabya, you are doing a great job and so good to see a brand like Ufone has come forward to support you. More power to you woman! <3

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