Wi-tribe Becomes Pakistan’s First Operator to Cross 200Mbps Internet Speeds

Wi-tribe breached the magical 200Mbps internet speed record following testing on its soon to be released LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) technology network, said a statement issued by the company.

Company claims to become the first service in Pakistan to deliver 4.5G speeds and quality.

Wi-tribe is currently undergoing a network upgradation through which it plans to offer LTE-Advanced to its subscribers in Lahore and Karachi initially.

This high-end broadband internet will further be stretched to other covered areas of the country as well.

Upgradation plan is part of wi-tribe’s $100 million investment programme that it wants to inject in a span of three years.

Company said that this investment will enable Wi-tribe to offer high-end broadband speeds in Pakistan followed by a number of value added services.

It will mean Pakistan becomes the first country in South Asia and the Middle East to deploy LTE-A technology delivering 4.5G speeds. End users will be able to watch ultra HD content without buffering and businesses won’t suffer due to poor speed related challenges.

It merits mentioning here that Huawei is deploying Wi-tribe’s network during first phase.

“We are truly thrilled at breaking the 200Mbps speed barrier and delivering Pakistan’s fastest ever Home Broadband Internet Service”, said Shahid Malik, the president and Chairman of Wi-tribe.

“While we don’t intend to offer 200Mbps speeds to our customers, we will nonetheless be offering some very high-speeds & high-volume packages, which cater for all customer needs”, he added.

Hinting about Wi-tribe data packages, Mr. Malik outlined that his company will be offering ample amount of data limits along with high-speeds to the customers.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Taha Najam

    Where are they offering this 200Mbps to home users?

    • Muhammad Abrar Ali

      in Tests only

      • Firdous Ki Lawn Apki Howi :p.

        • Pakistani

          chutiye kuch bhi bolega

        • Muhammad Abrar Ali

          Mujhy mere Address py Delivery krwa do.?

          • Bhai Lawn Apki Howi (Jo K Ap Pehan Nahi Sakte) Ha Future Main Firdous Bhi Diya Kare ge :p.

            • Muhammad Abrar Ali

              Koi ni mere Galli me Firdous he usy dedo ga.?

              • Firdous Milegi to Main Le Loga : Because I am Bachelor (Education Main Bhi Aur Zindagi Main Bhi)

                • faaria

                  you are married to ProPakistani comment’s section.

                • tahir aziz

                  tera zindagi ka maqsad sirf aik hi hy sub say ZALEEL hona or tum is maqsad main 100% kamiyab ho

          • Company said that this investment will enable Wi-tribe to offer high-end broadband speeds in Pakistan followed by a number of value added services.

          • Company said that this investment will enable Wi-tribe to offer high-end broadband speeds in Pakistan followed by a number of value added services.

        • Jab bhi koi article kholo, chutiyape ke comments zaroor aye ve hote hain is k.

      • Ayesha Khan

        That’s right..i got very high speeds in test phase..dont know what’s gona happen when they launch it…let’s hope for the best

    • continuedhere

      Yaar read the bloody article:

      >“While we don’t intend to offer 200Mbps speeds to our customers

    • Bitter_truth

      bhai most pathetic service i have used it for months and if you logged a complaint they will response a topi against it. Paid article for sure

      • Sabeen Khan

        i don’t think so..if it were paid this info wouldn’t have been published on DAWN etc

    • Haroon Qaisar

      Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are the blessed cities for such services …

      • Taha Najam

        Um, no. There is no 200Mbps offer for Karachi.

    • Raf

      it’s clearly mentioned that this is not intended for the customers

  • Home User Ki Services Achi Nahi Hai : Signal Nahi Ate :
    Karachi K Major Areas tak Koi Connectivity Nahi Hai Center Karachi Ki Hai Bus

    • Rabeel Afridi

      Noo man! My khala is one of the Trial user for this new witribe technology..North Nazimabad me rehty hain..Signals achay hain and bohat taez performance hae …aislye me khud jaty hoon unke ghar for season and movie downloads…I think it’s better to discuss truth rather than faking negativity about someone..

      • Nazimabad Karachi K Middle Center Main ATA Hai : I already mentioned above Waha Signal Ache Ate hai : But Majority Main Nahi Ate

  • Witribe is winding it’s operations in Pakistan, recent city they left is Faisalabad.

    • Saud Bin Farooq

      But then why invest $100 million tho?

      • On Paper Not For Physical : PTA doesn’t show any investment amount about WiTribe !

        • Syed Ali Hamza

          I have been following technology news for a long time now…I don’t think any news agency or tech page esp like pro-Pakistani would publish such news without any authentication!! i think a lot has been invested in this technology.. You write it and it’s every where in google about the miilions dollar contract with huwawei ….

      • I don’t know why they left Faisalabad if they want to continue their business with new investments.

    • Rabeel Afridi

      No, it’s not true..wi-tribe will stay here thats why they invested in this new technology. I have confirmed from my uncle..he’s is PTA.

      • Hassan Khan

        you are a clown working for WiTribe. Your “Khala” has WiTribe Trial account which you use for downloading seasons and Tv Shows eh? and your Uncle is in PTA and confirmed witribe is here to stay eh? LOL

        • Rabeel Afridi

          Brother! probably that’s the reason our country doesn’t prosper because it has discouraging and pessimist people like you! who just comment/post for hype and seek attention..
          Yes i did ask him about the service..whether it’s true or not.. since ima tech geek myself. i do my research.. :)

      • Then why did they leave Faisalabad city? I was a happy witribe user.

        Are they limiting their operations?

  • Speed doesn’t matter, connectivity kesi hai all areas main? yeh batao

    • Check WiTribe Coverage Map : Aur Jaha Jaha Naam A Raha hai Waha Waha Signal Nahi Ate

    • Ayesha Khan

      Coverage is fine regarding the existing service. Suna hae trial LTE 4.5 G successful tha.. ab pata nahe agay kya bnta hae..

      • yahi to keh raha hun ,,, batatay kia hain or kia hota hai,, zong ka bhi kuch aisa hi scene tha start main,,, ab 20 mb/s say aagy hi nahi jata

  • Naveed

    ZONG also gave 150Mbps in their tests :P

  • Qubee & DoDear Is Best : By Signal By Speed By Payment : for Middle Class :

    • Hafiz shah

      But Qubee is INDIAN owned..It’s all over internet :/

      • EME Hammerfall


      • Ali Salman

        Q-Mobile is also Indian investment with a Pakistani front-man businessman.

      • Now I am Leaving Qubee & Switch to ZONG 4G :……

        • Ali Salmsn

          Do you use Q mobile.

  • Pathetic service in Lahore, I used a year of its 3Mbps, the speed didn’t go to 200 KBps most of the time rather below 100 KBps. I don’t know how they will provide 200Mbps when a thousand of customers will be using the shared bandwidth!

    • Kamal Karte ho @AAM1R:disqus G : Pura Saal Bardhast Kar Bhi Liya WiTribe Ko

  • حسن جمال صدیقی

    as far as 4G usage goes , zong has no competetor , using in khi , it gives b/w 12-24 mbps .

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Zong is best and telenor is near to it…

  • DoDear is best :

    • Muhammad Areeb

      dodear konsa internet hai? rawalpindi mei hai kya?

      • DoDear I think Karachi Main He Nahi : www(dot)connect(dot)net(dot)pk Par Check Kar Lo

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Mostly corporate user as it will be costly

  • This 200Mbps Services Only Available at WiTribe Office :

    Pakistan Ki Awam :

    • Apple


  • Suleman Baloch

    ye speed sirf company k head office m hi ati h..end user will recieve the traditional speed

  • لیکن کیا فائدہ سروس تو پھر بھی صرف پوش ایریاز میں ہی ہے

  • Muhammad Areeb

    dodear ka portal to band ho gaya hai qubee is the best

    • EME Hammerfall

      qubee is the worst internet..i shifted from qubee to ptcl.. WORST experience of QUBEE …sub chor ho bc..uper se indian owned

    • DoDear is Still Alive & I am DoDear User :

  • A home user cannot afford 200 Mbps connection so just chill guys. Corporates go with the premium connections.

    • Jo Log Bijlee K Bill Afford Kar Sakte Hai Wo 200Mpbs Bhi Kar Sakte hai But Ghar Pe Connectivity Aye to Pehly :

      • Abdul Wahab, buhut say log 200 Mbps khabi be afford nahi kar saktay.

      • Wi-Tribe corporate sector ko 1 Mbps connection Rs. 2000 mein de raha hai aur Nayatel Rs. 8,000 say start kar rahay hain.

  • anas qamar

    Aren’t they currently operating on 3.5 G network (known as WIMAX)? Last time I heard, they were supposed to launch LTE-A somewhere in August. So I guess they haven’t launched it yet.

    • Steve Johnson

      Qubee used WIMAX which is a (loosely stated) 3.5G network. The problem is not their backend. It is the endpoint BTS which is running on weary hardware that should have been decommissioned long ago.

      Even with LTE backend, if there endpoint hardware is of low quality and cant handle throughput, and if they keep capping bandwidth during peak hours (yes they do cap bandwidth and dont believe their word when they say that they dont) then technical users (who are concerned for the available bandwidth, download speed, uplink, ping etc) will remain disappointed.

      • anas qamar

        Actually, WIMAX is a shit technology which has failed world-wide. LTE-A, on the other hand, is a very good technology, and supports a higher number of users per tower. While I’m not sure of what Wi-Tribe will make of it, from a technological pov, it would be interesting to see how it turns out.

      • DawnTech

        100% agreed. dont waste money and time on Witribe

  • Atif

    While we don’t intend to offer 200Mbps speeds to our customers, we will nonetheless be offering some very high-speeds & high-volume packages, which cater for all customer needs”, he added

    Also stop this slang’s.. no such thing as 4.5G.
    Its 4G / LTE A period!

    • EME Hammerfall

      Me as IT guy,it means they would be delivering 4,5G speeds.. this is greater than 4G..It’s a huge investment probably the reason every other digital news channel is posting about them.

      • Atif

        ? you as IT guy should know there’s no such thing as 4.5G, its a slang!
        Term is LTE-A.

    • Hashim Rasool

      200 Mbps koi nahe deliver krega exact..Thats too much..Leken wi-tribe would be fastest of all that i knoww…4.5G is the latest generation of internet which they acquired.

  • Faisal
    • Hafiz shah

      Pakistan me apko itni speed deliver horehe hae…bohat bari baat hae yae bhai..aur kya mangtay ho

    • Abdul

      IF this is the best you got in a trial then imagine how much you’ll get when thousands will be using their services at once, around 10mb im guessing

  • EME Hammerfall

    Jazz – Owned by vimplecom
    Warid – Owned by Jazz
    Telenor – Owned by Telenor Group
    Zong – Owned by China Mobile
    Qubee – Owned by fuckin IINDIANS !!!!!!!!!!
    wi-tribe – Owned by local company HB Pakistan.

    Fuck YOU qubee !! Made in INDIA!!!!!! Every money spent on you is sent back to INDIA.


    • Hafiz shah

      Couldn’t agree more..PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!

      • Malik Faraz


        • Qubee Jab K India Main Hai Bhi Nahi LoL : Qubee only PAK & BNG :

          • Apple

            Qubee supporter spotted.

          • Aziz

            Are you really justifying qubee?

            • PTCL Se Behat & Quick Customer Services : & DoDear K Elawa Koi Aur Rasta Nahi

              • Muhammad

                Qubee user or India lover? Clarify.

                • IAM QUBEE USER ONLY

                • Talal

                  So using indian product makes you indian lover? Grow up turds. You people ate indian “pyaaz” and “aaloo” for long time.

          • Suhail

            Shame on you.

            • I am Only QUBEE Customer that’s it :
              I don’t have any other option to use another services due to far areas :
              QUbee Signal is going good & i am not supporting indian

              • Suhail

                Are you working for qubee?

                • I am QUBEE Customer using internet services & i am not his employee

              • Omar

                I always check all the articles on propk and look for your comment. Most of the times , it seems you are my voice. You seem to hit the nail on its head. But by defending qubee, I just lost that enthusiasm to read your comments. It seems I won’t checking your comments any more.

              • Mahmoud

                Why did I read your comment of defending qubee? No more Abdul WAHAB’S comments for me.

                • I am Only QUBEE Customer that’s it :

                  I don’t have any other option to use another services due to far areas :

                  QUbee Signal is going good & i am not supporting indian..

              • Amjad

                Why did you support qubee? I was your biggest fan. You just lost an admirer Mister.

                • Q?K Mere Area Main Qubee K Elawa Kisi Aur Ka Signal Nahi Ata :
                  PKR 1254 Main Aur Koi Services Pakcage Bhi Nahi Deta :
                  I not Advising to anyone to buy Qubee But I am Majboor to Using this Shit Services

                • Q?K Mere Area Main Qubee K Elawa Kisi Aur Ka Signal Nahi Ata :
                  PKR 1254 Main Aur Koi Services Pakcage Bhi Nahi Deta :
                  I not Advising to anyone to buy Qubee But I am Majboor to Using this bekaaar Services

                  • Mujeeb

                    Wah, what a patriot? Just because people are saying that they will not read your comments, qubee services became bekar? You are Pakistani. Be proud to be one. It seems only fans and ac’s matter to you not Pakistan. All of my brothers serve in army of this great nation. I will also join one day. It’s very much disappointing to read comments such as yours. “Sharam nahi aathi” by defending qubee and India. You sir, just lost my respect.

                    • JF-17

                      Salute and respect.

                    • Talal

                      Lol. Fake patriotism. Forgot what Musharraf and other 4 army dictators did? Your retired chief of army staff put the whole country on fire by becoming “first line ittehadi”. And then who can forget the role of Pasha in paying blood money (diyat) for Raymond Davis and letting him go. Our beloved Raheel Sharif helped Musharraf to escape. And then our army brothers ask us to praise them like “holy cow” and do not object on whatever they do.

                      So if you are so patriot, demand banning import of “aaloo piyaz”, cotton, car spare parts from india and displaying bollywood movies in cinemas because india use that money to wage war upon us. Show your true “patriotism”.

                  • Saeed

                    PKR1254 package mein pro Indian. Simply great.

              • Wasim

                Why Abdul WAHAB why?

            • Now I am Leaving Qubee & Switch to ZONG 4G :.

          • Abdullah

            You are defending qubee means defending India. I did not expect this from you.

            • I am Not Defending Qubee & INDIA & i am defending Services & SIGNAL Only
              & Really i don’t know QUBEE Origin is indian :

          • Now I am Leaving Qubee & Switch to ZONG 4G :

            • Proud Pakistani

              Please don’t be fake. Be a Pakistani first.

                • Altaf

                  Stupid decision. There are Pakistanis like you and me working in qubee. Is it wise to hit the daily bread of a fellow Pakistani? There nilbto negligible investments in our country (except Chinese). Can we afford to humiliate fellow Pakistanis working in qubee? It may be Indian owned, but it serves Pakistanis like us by employing Pakistanis like us. Don’t you think it was a wise session on your behalf?

                • EME Hammerfall

                  Guys we all have brains.
                  we all have knowledge.
                  we all can use google.
                  Just do your research and see about this company.
                  Your money spent on QUBEE is not invested in Pakistan. Its India’s.

    • Apple

      Damn those Indian jerks. Down with qubee.

    • Abdul WAHAB

      How is government allowing qubee to operate? Isn’t that a security threat? Doesn’t army know about this?

  • Hafiz shah

    One of the FUT users here, highly satisfying and fast speeds!!

    Finally something to look upto!! Please reveal the corperate packages already..
    My launch of gaming lounge in Karachi is dependent on you. Please consider me for discount.

    • Truther

      FUT user, what do that mean?

  • Ayesha Khan

    Finally!! :D

    Some high quality fast internet in Pakistan.
    I’ve heard that the test response was great !!

    Best of luck wi-tribe or whoever owns it

  • Muhammad Aamir.

    No they will start this ,
    This was only test ,
    But who is ready to pay too much price for this

  • Zuhaib Mehdi

    What about the Fiberlink who give 200MB and at midnight speed gets double i.e 400MB?

    • Truther

      FL is not available in every area.

  • Malik Faraz

    Very good initiative!! SHUKAR HAE PHELA ACHA INTERNET AYA HAE…How to pre-pook??! sick of PTCL

    • waleed khokhar

      4000 ki device or jab tak packages nhe ate free

      • Truther

        To ye test kab se hora hai aur kab tak hota rahe ga?

  • Syed Ali Hamza

    It’s a great news! for all the Pakistanis.. Wi-tribe is the first (Pakistani) company in South Asia and Middle East to deploy this technology!!

  • Arsalan Shah

    SubhanAllah. Since this morning, there is no service of Wi-Tribe in ISB/RWP.

    • Hashim Rasool

      Where?! i live in Bahria Town Rwp and it’s working fine here :/

      • Arsalan Shah

        ISB F-10 & F-11, and most places in RWP including Saddar & Westridge. Called wi-tribe, they responded that this is a problem with entire ISB/RWP and engineers are looking into it and working.

        • Sabeen Khan

          Live in F-10, near to silver ox..working good here! i directly go to blue area care center when mine doesn’t work..

  • Rabeel Afridi

    The internet is good! My khala is using witribe’s new technology in Karachi for trial..She is happy and i also go to her place for season downloads..it’s acha khasaa fastt.

  • Hassan Khan

    Q) Does the 200 Mbps speed test indicate the throughputs end users will be receiving?
    A) No.

    Q) Did WiTribe just conduct a test on empty site upon doubling spectrum back in August, 2016?
    A) Yes

    Q) Does the speed test translate into better QoS for users?
    A) Yes

    Q) Will customers be getting 200 Mbps?
    A) No.

    Q) First time 3.5 Ghz deployed in the region a big thing?
    A) No.

    Q) what speeds will end users be getting?
    A) The speed tested 200 Mbps just now – advertised “Lighting speeds of 150 Mbps” on twitter, earlier – whilst Huawei claimed the upgrade would make around 100 Mbps possible. Zong advertised 150 Mbps. How many users receive that I wonder? This upgrade is nothing phenomenal.

  • Muhammad Shahjahan

    Unlimited Speed—That’s Great news for Pakistan, I just see on Dawn News and check it personally from my friends who are using friendly user testing devices in Lahore. wi-tribe have completed initial testing in Lahore and Karachi successfully. Now Pakistan will prosper in all grounds Insha Allah

  • “While we don’t intend to offer 200Mbps speeds to our customers”
    What??? Topay pe chrho phir tum mere!

  • FuriousNinja

    Some of these profiles seem like are created just to comment on this article. Another 24hoursdotpk like fake commenters? Only praising.

    • Xtreme

      Very true. Below accounts seems to be created in last 24hrs and also praising wi-tribe like crazy.

      Ayesha Khan
      EME Hammerfall
      Rabeel Afridi
      Sabeen Khan
      Malik Faraz
      Muhammad Shahjahan
      Hashim Rasool
      Hafiz Shah
      Syed Ali Hamza

      • Hafiz shah

        Witribe and you can go to hell from my side bro! It’s good to praise the truth.. Being a FUT user.,i have experienced good speed and yae baat such hae.. I have screenshots of my speed test pics…
        But i am glad you took out time to point me out of the huge comment list..Thank you

      • EME Hammerfall

        Hahah I don’t know if my account is fake or not..For reference you can check me on facebook and youtube.
        Yes i have my whole channel.

        But We do know now that you’re an employee of QUBEE.. hahah don’t support something which is not yours. It belongs to India and trust me it’s not benefiting Pakistan.

        Use google for your own reference!

        • Xtreme

          Your comment show your maturity level, wonder what your channel would be about.
          Where did i mention something about Qubee or was i praising there service ???
          I am a happy Zong 4G user and before that, a long term wi-tribe customer. I did have fair bit of service and quality issues with them but nothing extra ordinary and that’s pretty normal. Though there services were pretty expensive with ridiculous data cap as compared to other competitors at that time.

      • Hafiz shah

        Wah bhai wah! Xtreme – the name tells the world who is fake and who is not

        Bohat mehnat ki apne mera nam comment list se dhund ke nikalnay ki.
        Bohat he koi wailay insan ho ap!


        If i were fake why on the earth would i create a separate account and wait for the google confirmation and then comment on pro-pakistani. Aise behtar hae mei comment as a guest kerdoon idher. Nakal k lye be Aqal chaye bhaiya


        Like i said before i really don’t care it’s wi-tribe or nayatel, mujay aik achy speed mili test trial mei me LTE ke and mene mention krdee hae. Apko buri mili ap mention krdow. simple.

        • Xtreme

          Glad you got some good speed and hope that ppl will get good speed after proper launching and at peak hours. Also hope pricing will be competitive with out any ridiculous data cap.

  • Wight Walker

    Instead of spending on purchase of additional bandwidth, these wishit cheapskates impose aggressive caching policies on their servers. So hacking into all sorts of accounts of other users is easiest. I was a victim twice, realized what was going on and tossed the service out for good.
    Now that 3/4G is expansively available, do yourself a favor and avoid Witribe like a plague.

    • Truther

      Yea u r right. One of my private tracker account got hacked when I was using wi-tribe back then. PTCL is best if TWA, FL & StormFibre, are not available in ur area.

  • Now I am Leaving Qubee & Switch to ZONG 4G :…

  • Ahmed

    it’s here!??? itna wait kraya …Bhai ab launch be kardow proper.
    why is it not in the market yet?

  • Asif Ali

    I used same 3mb unlimited package 3 months at Lahore ,
    same speed as yours. Just switched back to PTCL again. 4mps unlimited with non stop performance.

  • Talal

    I used to use Wi Tribe some years ago. Didn’t pay bill for 1 month because of pathetic service. They disconnected the internet. After 2 months they called me to return the device. I said “aa kar le jao apni bimari. 3 saal se tum logon ka customer tha par tumhen sirf apni device ki fikar hey”. On the same day they shamelessly sent a guy to pick it up. They really don’t care about retaining their customers. I wish them more bad luck.

  • Mubashir Qureshi

    Very Good ! What will be the packages?
    hope they are not very expensive

  • DawnTech

    Dear fellows, this is WiTribe, not any other telecom who announces and implement, and spend money on marketing campaigns to avoid any misguide and misleads to their customers.
    Do you know how many customers of this 200Mbps company? less than 1 hundred and 30 thousand connections, and actives are less than that, and still decreasing. it was 3 hundred thousand few years back.
    did you guys saw any print or electronic advert of this 200Mbps drama? no because it costs.They have zero budget for marketing.
    they were discussing LTE-A launch for the last one year.
    $100M ?? they would not even spend 100 thousand rupees LOL.
    mark this news and see when this will be available. it would never or may be in a very tiny area, which can be their own office :)

  • Rukshi Afroze

    I have closed my Qubee account in the month September but daily I am getting the SMS bill from Witribe, now after a few days, they have double the bill amount. Qubee increase only Rs 50 after the due date but it a Great blessing of Wi-tribe that they double the amount of bill after a few days. Qubee guides us about all the addresses of its care centers through email, but hopelessly Wi-tribe not.