Google Chrome to Permanently Silence All Annoying & Noisy Websites

We’ve all been there, whether it is in class, at the library or even at work. We want peace and quiet as we browse the internet, only to be interrupted by obnoxious music and sound effects coming from our laptop or mobile device that we don’t even remember clicking on.

This usually happens with those annoying websites which start playing sounds and videos automatically.  This will soon be not a problem anymore.

Silence Mode

Google is now testing this new feature in Chrome. It will allow the users to mute a website in Google’s Chrome browser just once and spend the rest of their days in peace.

Two years ago, Chrome introduced an option to flag the guilty sites. These brash sites have been a source of discontent for a long time and this feature has been long overdue. It is now under development.

The feature is in its beta phase in the latest ‘Canary’ version of Chrome as reported by a developer at Google François Beaufort.

How To Use the New Feature

It is relatively easy to use, provided you have the latest Canary version.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to the Security status, which is located on the left hand side of the website address.
  • You can find the mute option in the midst of all the other details and permissions.
  • That’s it. The site remains mute till you manually change the settings.

Reportedly, at the moment Chrome is the only browser using this new feature. We may soon see it on other browsers as well.

What this option would mainly do is that they will stop putting up auto play videos because of the fear of getting their site blocked forever.

You will no more have to bear these irritating sites which are just a hassle when you have all those tabs opened and have to find out which website is making the sound.

Via TechCrunch

  • For a moment I thought the articles headline meant Google was about to censor websites that they deemed ‘offensive’. Thank God that politically correct censorship madness hasn’t become so pervasive yet and there is still hope for freedom of speech.

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