Pakistani Man Makes Record By Doing 3000 Pushups in Under An Hour

An athlete named Abu Huraira from Gujranwala stunned his audience by doing 3,000 push-ups in only a very short time span of 57 minutes.

It has been reported that a huge crowd, including the district sports officer Nadim Butt, and a number of athletes witnessed Abu Huraira’s feat as he made this record.

The athlete, who says that he wants to bring joy and honor to Pakistan, belongs to Tatlay Aali village in Gujranwala Punjab.

On this occasion he expressed his joy and excitement by telling that this record was not yet accomplished by anyone, but now Pakistan owns it.

He also requested Punjab Sports Board Director General to give him a chance to include his name in Guinness World Records by making a record of 3000 pushups in just one hour.

He said that everything he’s doing is for highlighting the name of Pakistan and its honor and that he wants to represent his country globally and work hard for its success.

He said that our country is facing a number of economic problems but that its up to us and our governments to do our best to overcome it.

It has also been reported that previously, the record of most pushups was achieved by Carlton Williams (UK) at Body Club Fitness Centre at Margaret River, Western Australia. He made the record by doing 2682 pushups in one hour.

Via DunyaNews

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