QMobile Launches QLED Lights in Pakistan

QMobile is generally known for its low-end and midrange phones but the company seems to have found a new business direction to go along with its mobile retail market. Named QLED Lighting, or QLED for short, the phone retailer now plans to bring LED based lighting equipment to the Pakistani market.

The mobile retailer claims that LEDs are the future of lighting as the technology’s market share continues to rise by the day. A message at the company’s website states,

Since the beginning our philosophy has always been to invest in solutions aimed at empowerment. We are fully committed to provide immaculate service and product quality and it is our goal to provide lighting solutions that are not only supreme in quality but also energy-efficient.

Recognizing the need to provide the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and ethical behaviour, our company has been based along these core values.

A commercial promoting the brand can already be seen on most TV channels in the country. The advertisement hints towards reliable and durable lights coupled with reasonably cheap prices and 2 years of warranty.

The new lighting equipment brand will sell products in the following categories:

  • SMD Panel Lights
  • Bulb Lights
  • Down Lights
  • COB Down Lights
  • Tube Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Street Lights

QLED’s website indicates that the company is currently looking for retailers in order to expand its reach.

The move isn’t surprising since reports had suggested that the Q brand is exploring various other businesses since the mobile industry has gotten much more competitive since the launch of popular international brands, like Oppo, Xiaomi, Meizu, etc. in Pakistan. QMobile is bound to lose market share even if it reduces its profit margins and increases product quality.

With increasing electricity tariffs, LED lighting was one of the better options for the company. Rumors also suggest that the company might be planning to introduce Q branded LED TVs in Pakistan very soon.

What do you think about QMobile’s foray into the LED lighting market. Could it mean that the company doesn’t see a future in the mobile phone market? Tell us what you think the comments below.

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  • from where i can buy? what are the prices? i tried Store Locator and enter m.a. jinnah road but no store found on whole m.a. jinnah road ? can somebody inform if knew about it.

  • Well as it is obvious the sales of phones made by QMobile were decreasing rapidly. I hope the quality doesn’t get sacrificed.

  • seems to that they are just chineese leds with q logo on it! cuz they are no smart and dont ahve philips like dferaturss

  • No compromise on the safety of eyes.
    I will stick to Philips LED lights for home.

    By the way. It have been 2.5 years since we switched florescent bulbs to LED bulbs. About 7 bulbs of 12 Watt. Equals 18 Watt florescent energy saver in light. All are still working. While florescent energy savers had about one year life time only.

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