Alibaba Officials Visit TCS and Yayvo Headquarters

Representatives of Alibaba Group, the world’s largest online retailer and TCS Holdings, one of Pakistan’s leading courier, logistics and e-commerce providers, met to discuss the potential for B2B and ecommerce market development in the country.

During the full day meeting, the AliBaba team visited TCS offices and the main hub of the courier and logistics business.

Seen in picture (L-R) is Salman Hasan from TCS Ecom, Jason Jia of Alibaba, Martin Wang of Alibaba, Shafiq Malik and Salman Akram of TCS

During the visit, the delegation met with the TCS management and were briefed on the role and presence of TCS in the domestic market as well as the company’s alliance with the global logistics leader United Parcel Service (UPS) for international express services.

The strength of TCS in the local market combined with its alliance with UPS allows the company to offer its customers a broad range of end-to-end delivery and shipment solutions to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

While we know that Alibaba is evaluating its options to enter in Pakistani market, either directly or though partnering with local companies, the payment solution Ali Pay is confirmed to be launched in the country during days to come.

  • Shahzad Ali

    Great news with a poorly photoshopped image!!!

  • Zain Shah

    Could be great source of international buying.

  • Asif Khan PTI

    I think it was More like a Business Development meeting in which Alibaba is intrested in selling their B2B products specially for Gawadar Market entrance. TCS is no doubt a best option for them in this scenario.

  • tahir aziz

    superb news

  • Carl

    Hope, you will received shipments by TCS Fastly from AliBaba & AliExpress

  • Faheem Ahmed

    i dont like it! i mean comeon just see daraz and yavoo both selling things at fake discounts

  • Zee Shan

    TCS has worst COD service