Google Launches Certification Program For Mobile Web Developers

Google has launched a new certification program for mobile web developers.

This qualification will enable mobile web developers to certify their skills no matter where they are. They can even take advantage of this certification while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

The newly launched program is an extension of existing certification programs already specified for Android developers, cloud architects and data engineers.

Details About the Certification

Google will test the developers’ skills by conducting an open book test which will cost $99.

The test will consist of a handful of coding challenges along with a 10-minute exit interview, which will enable the candidates to share the reason behind their choice of solution for a particular exam question.

The time limit for completion of the test is four hours and the applicants will be given three chances to re-attempt the test if they are not able to succeed in the first go.

A few topics that are covered by Google’s certification process include:

  • basic website layout and styling,
  • progressive web apps,
  • performance optimization and caching,
  • testing and debugging.

Moreover, the program also provides the users a study guide to get them prepared for the exam.

The Advantage

If a developer is able to succeed in passing the test, they will be awarded with a digital badge which can be displayed on their resume and social media profiles.

The main goal for launching this program is not just to provide developers with a Google certification but to also increase job opportunities for them by highlighting their skills in a legitimate way.

For more information on the program, you can check this link.

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