Pakistan Post to Rebrand Itself Into a Modern Logistics Company

Pakistan Postal Services can generate an estimated revenue of Rs100 billion over a period of ten years without incurring any burden on national exchequer by launching a Mobile Money Transfer Solution.

According to official documents, Pakistan Post has embarked on a comprehensive reform agenda to become more profitable. These reforms include:

  • Establishment of Mobile Money Transfer Solution
  • Pakistan Post Logistics Company
  • Re-Branding of Pakistan Post.

Mobile Money Transfer Solution

Expression of Interest (EOI) was floated in the press for the Mobile money solution, where 26 companies participated and 16 companies were shortlisted for Request for Proposal (RFP) including one each from US and China. Feasibility study was completed and an RFP was approved from the procurement committee.

The RFP is ready, and after getting approval from the Steering Committee in September 2017, it will be sent to the shortlisted companies which will submit their final proposal within 60 days.

According to a conservative estimate, revenues of Rs 100 billion will be generated over a period of ten years without any burden on national exchequer from Mobile money solution.

Pakistan Post Logistics Company

An EOI was advertised for setting up Pakistan Post Logistics Company where 16 companies participated and 6 companies were shortlisted for RFP. The feasibility study for the same has been completed. The RFP has been finalized and will be placed before the Steering Committee in September 2017.

Pakistan Post Logistics Company is registered with SECP while its brand name and logo is registered with the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO).

The logistics initiative is estimated to generate revenue of Rs 12 billion over a period of ten years without any burden on national exchequer. It will take E-Commerce and Logistics Revolution to the remotest areas of Pakistan. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) benefits may be distributed more evenly across different geographic areas in the country through POSTLOG intervention.

Re-Branding of Pakistan Post

The re-branding of Post Offices project was approved under the Post Office Reform Agenda. The EOIs were floated twice but the desired result could not be achieved because none of the firms submitted any feasible proposal under Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement.

In the meantime PPOD has started re-branding of Post Offices gradually through its own financial resources and so far 47 post offices have been re-branded.

Since the allocated funds are not sufficient for the purpose, the department has prepared and submitted a PC-1 for re-branding of GPOs and big post offices for which an amount of Rs.828 million is required.

The Postal Services intends to complete the process of computerization of records in GPOs by December this year and then the same mechanism for 3,200 POs will be initiated.

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