KP Government to Supply Free Medicine for Four Life Threatening Diseases

Pervez Khattak, K-P Chief Minister announced on Tuesday that pharmaceutical companies will be allowed to deliver free medicines for the treatment of four extremely harmful medical conditions across the province.

Fifteen medicines from pharmaceutical firm Novatris Pakistan have been approved by the provincial government, mainly for curing cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes, respiratory problems and breast cancer. The government will bear the costs of dispensing and procuring them.

The medicines were chosen in accordance with the following three conditions:

  • Medical relevance
  • High demand
  • Lack of access

The summary sent by the provincial government’s healthcare department indicated that their aim was to provide a variety of fruitful treatment options for proven and first-line treatments.

A meeting was scheduled with the medical professionals and practitioners at the health department where they gave the go-ahead for the decision to purchase the selected medicines.

As the delivery of the medicines was free, the participants were told that the government will be responsible for organizing dispensation centers for the task. Furthermore, the KPK government will also utilize customized software to help keep track of the medicines being dispatched all over the province.

Earlier in July there have been some amendments to Drug Rules. The amendments were accepted by KP Pharmacists community. According to Ihsan Ullah, this step was taken in the best interest of people and patients, adding that he also said that it should not be reconsidered.

via Tribune