Pakistan is the Third Largest Troops Contributor to UN

In the Friday session of senate, the Finance ministry highlighted the fact that Pakistan is the third largest contributor of United Nation in their missions of peacekeeping all over the world.

The officials told the media that 7123 Pakistanis are deployed all over the world helping UN in six missions.

These include 6,703 personnel of armed forces, 74 military experts, 66 staff officers and 280 police officials.

142 Pakistanis have lost their lives in these missions which places them on third position. India has the most casualties at 163 and Nigeria in second with 150 casualties. These missions have proved to be costly in human lives.

The UN offers a package of $70,000 as compensation to the family of the soldier who dies on duty. The money is transferred directly to the beneficiaries without a middle man.

Pakistani troops are currently placed in Congo, Darfur, Haiti, Liberia, West Sahara, Central African Republic and Sudan.

The deadliest of the missions in terms of lives of Pakistanis was their mission in Somalia in 1990s. 40 lives were lost in the mission.

The number of Pakistani soldiers deployed to various areas are:

  • In Congo, the largest number of soldiers are placed. They include 3,486 personnel of armed forces, including 3,429 troops, 42 military experts and 15 staff officers who are performing their peacekeeping duties by protecting the civilians from physical violence. 8 soldiers have lost their lives in this mission.
  • Darfur is on the second number with 2,272 armed force personnel, including 142 police volunteers.
  • Another 1,136 Pakistani soldiers are deputed in the Central African Republic.
  • 140 of the soldiers are placed in Haiti.
  • 73 soldiers in Liberia.
  • 14 soldiers in West Sahara.
  • 2 soldiers in Sudan.

Ranking of countries in troops contribution:

  • On the first position is Ethopia with 8,221 soldiers at the disposal of UN.
  • On second number is India with 7,676 soldiers participating in various missions.
  • On third is Pakistan with 7,123 soldiers helping UN out.

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