Govt is Planning to Mandate Curriculum for Friday Sermons

Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal, has announced the government is devising a “curriculum for the Friday Sermon.” The curriculum shall be compiled such that it educates people regarding practical life in light of the teachings from Quran and Hadith.

Meeting For Implementing National Action Plan (NAP)

The meeting for the implementation of National Action Plan (NAP), which aims to combat terrorism, was held at the Higher Education Commission.

The meeting was presided by Ahsan Iqbal and 70 vice chancellors of national universities participated via video conferencing.

The minister regarded the current era as the age of information revolution with several different ideologies being expressed through the social media.

Preventing The Youth From Extremist Organizations

In the meeting, the minister expressed his concerns over university students being affiliated with extremist organizations.

He said:

It is our duty to undertake collective efforts to prevent our youth from accessing the material based on extremist ideologies. We have to ensure that our youth use social media only for educational and healthy activities.

Ahsan Iqbal further emphasized on the dire need for the government to come up with a “national narrative to counter the extremist agenda.”

He added that the youth should be able to understand the importance of peace as taught by Islam and that they should have the tolerance of accepting different views regardless of their stance regarding it.

The minister was also of the view that teachers should play their role in letting university students voice their views regarding politics.

He told the vice chancellors, that university students should be taught to own their leadership qualities and added,

In every university, career counselling mechanism must be formulated to evaluate the potential of students for better avenues in future.

The minister said that the upcoming ‘International Peace Day’ that shall be on Thursday must be promoted and celebrated in every university “with the resolve to spread the message of peace among our youth and apprise them of the counter-narrative against extremism.”

  • Idea is good but implementation would be very tough as every mullah has his own narrative on this issue.

    • yes..! It’s time to point all those muslims who has beard , Imaam of Masjid oand respected Islamic scholars.

    • First, we have to let go of the hate behind that ‘Mullah’ word.
      Second, stereotypes should be put behind the bars in case of mass panic created by those ignorants.

  • Terrorism spreading in education sector due to political appointments, we all know that, who are they fooling?

  • government knows very well which group of people is the cause of hate and terror but because they are too powerful so they will never be separately identified.
    Hence everyone will be targeted …

    • Are they more powerful than the army?
      Why don’t the army control them if others failed to do so?

  • Remove religion from Pakistan and I guarantee you half of our problems will be resolved.
    Almost all advanced and prosperous countries are secular and non religious.
    Let’s give it a try.

    • This is what secularism do

      Child neglect to include the inadequacy of Child Protection within Social Services, particularly in the wake of the Baby P case[3] and the kidnapping of Shannon Matthews
      Binge and underage drinking[4]
      Violent gang crime[5]
      Teenage pregnancy[6]
      Corrupt politicians, namely the expenses scandal
      VIP pedophilia scandals which included high ranking politicians[7]
      Vote rigging[8]
      Mass immigration combined with a rise in Islamic extremism [9]
      Surveillance State [10]
      Unfair Taxation system [11]
      Failed National Health Service [12]

    • lol I always laugh at your mentality always trying to link everything to religion man do some research before commenting go and read some research papers and articles on Economical Advances
      1-Prosperity and advancement doesn’t come from secularism or non-religiosity
      It comes when an education system is better linked with the economy and Industries. An education system which focus on building a hardworking,honest and a skillful person which Indian Subcontinent is lacking.
      2-Our curriculum should be up to date with the current world innovations and research and there should be a system by government that integrates these skillful labors with the market and not letting their potential go to waste.
      3-There is a serious need of Research and Development Projects in the Sub-continent.
      every city and university should have abundant RD institutions
      4- A strong trade and research oriented foreign policy
      If all above conditions are met you will see wonders in Economical Advancement.
      But unfortunately all above are very difficult to achieve because of our illiterate and corrupt politicians.

  • Middle East style dictatorship and police state is coming to Pakistan. Except there is no king or monarchy to protect but an elected dictatorship.

    What is government afraid of is that the pulpet get used to account the government and its corrupt unislamic policies

  • Terrorist groups are found in universities but they want to regulate Jumma Prayers shame shame shame. From my childhood up till now, i used to go for Jumma Prayer and listen to Urdu Khutbaas with full attention. I guarantee u that i didn’t listen even a single sentence relating to terrorism. All higher level posts either in Govt or ARMY are lubricated with corruption and they want to teach us Islam. We will oppose this move with our lives. And everyone here who are supporting this please get out of your facebook and twitter, spend sometime with your relatives and most importantly with you Creator The Almighty ALLAH and you can only find him in the Masjid.

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