Senate Questions Whether Shifa Hospital Provided Free Treatment to 50% Patients

A parliamentary committee has sought records for the patients who had been treated at the Shifa International Hospital over the past year of 2017, to confirm if the hospital did provide free of cost treatment to 50 percent of patients, as was agreed by the hospital.

This was decided over a meeting that took place with Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services Regulations and Coordination, which occurred on Tuesday to discuss various medical issues pertaining to medical colleges and hospitals.

The Senate is already on the move as Senator Ateeq Shaikh and Ghous Khan claimed that a subcommittee on health had thoroughly reviewed matters of Shifa International Hospital (SIH).

The committee said that not a single patient had been treated free of cost, even though the hospital was established as a means for providing treatments for the less fortunate, even pledging to provide free treatments.

The representatives at the SIH (Shifa international hospital) however, maintained that 50 percent of patients admitted to the hospital had been charged only for medicines.

The committee sought to verify and ensure the hospital claims by directing it’s administration to submit records of patients admitted in the hospital for over the past year.

During Tuesday’s meeting, an argument ensued between Shaikh and SIH Chief Operating Officer (COO) Aziz Jan after the former complained about ‘over billing’ at the hospital.

The COO termed allegations leveled by the Senator as groundless and demanded that he take his words back. The Senator upped the ante and threatened to submit a privilege motion against it.

via Tribune

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  • Shifa is one of the most expensive hospitals of Faisalabad. No doubt they have excellent facilities but 50% free patients treatment thing is beyond imagination. It could be 2-3%.

  • Shifa International are looters. They prescribe non required tests and medicine and its a cash cow for the doctors there.

  • This hospital is listed in Pakistan stock exchange, which means they give profit to shareholder. how can they treat 50% patients free of cost. The senators are stupid enough who demand records or think that they should do. And no land was acquired on charity basis…they ppl have documented proof. they have purchased it on institutional rates. Shifa Foundation one of Shifa’s charity NGO provides almost free treatment to hundreds of patients on daily basis. Some of Govt senators are behind making it controversial because Shifa College didn’t give admission to their loved ones as she was not on merit. For God sake this institution is a pride of Pakistan. It is the one who got JCIA Gold Seal and stood the 2nd hospital in Pakistan which has this recognition. The services shifa provides, if you get the same in USA/UK or even in India, you will find almost double charges.

  • نہایت عمدہ ھسپتال ہے۔ ہمارا پورا خاندان ادھر ہی سے علاج کراتا ہے۔ میرے بھاءی کو گورنمنٹ ھسپتال نے جواب دے دیا تھا اور کہا تھا اب باقی وقت گھر میں گزاریں۔ لیکن شفا آکے چند دنوں میں وہ با لکل صحت یاب ہو گیا تھا۔ ہاں تھوڑا مہنگا ہے لیکن جو کوالٹی وہ دیتے ہیں کہ آپ کو کچح باہر سے لانے کی ضرورت نہیں کسی ٹیسٹ کے لءے باہر جانے کی ضرورت نہیں اور ہر طرح کی بیماری کا ڈاکٹر فوری دستیاب ہوتا ہے تو پیسے لینا ان کا حق ہے۔
    خدارا اس ھسپتال کو اپنی سازشوں کی نظر نہ کریں۔ ابھی ہمیں ایسے کءی ھسپتالوں کی ضرورت ہے۔ اگر ان کو کام نہیں کرنے دیا گیا تو کوءی بحی پراءیویٹ سیکٹر میں سے ھسپتال بنانے کا نہیں سو چے گا۔

    • Jo kuch aap ne likha hai theek hi hoga lekn 50% free patient ka jo waada tha woh to pora karna hoga.

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