Aman Ghar Joins Hands with Saylani Welfare International Trust

Two of the leading development sector organizations of Pakistan, Saylani Welfare International Trust and Aman Health entered into a partnership for the future expansion of Aman Ghar.

Aman Ghar is a project launched by the Aman Foundation with the vision of providing nutritious meals to primary school students in the Khuda Ki Basti area of Karachi. Aman Ghar has served over 4 million meals to-date.

CEO Aman Health, Mr. Arshad Saeed Husain commented, “Aman’s vision of serving the underserved originated from Aman Ghar. Today we are creating an alliance with, Saylani, a like-minded organization, so that our respective capabilities can synergize and together we eradicate hunger beyond our respective organizational boundaries.”

Saylani Welfare International Trust is operating with an aim to serve the welfare of mankind and to alleviate poverty, hunger and unemployment from Pakistan. The organization that proudly serves meals to about 125,000 persons twice a day across Pakistan is partnering with Aman on this project in order to extend their efforts of serving humanity.

This is in line with Aman’s founding vision of creating models of excellence and partnerships to scale them for maximizing reach to underserved communities. This is a unique collaboration, with Saylani’s strength and popularity in feeding people and Aman’s excellence in processes and proficiency in nutrition, this alliance aims to enhance welfare of our youth.

This agreement was signed on 25 September 2017 by President of Saylani Welfare International Trust, Mr. Yousuf Lakhani and the CEO of Aman Health, Mr. Arshad Saeed Husain. Prominent figures from different industries, businesses, social organizations and the sports industry were present at the signing ceremony.

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