E-Stamp Papers in Punjab Have Generated Rs. 41 billion So Far

Chairman of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Dr. Umar Saif, has claimed that e-stamping is generating huge amounts of revenue worth forty-one billion rupees.

Reviewing the performance of the e-stamping project, he said that the total e-stamp papers that have been issued through this system are 1,596,737, out of which 1,477,984 are non-judicial and 118,753 are judicial e-stamp papers.

He said that 1,584,131 citizens have so far visited the e-stamping website.

Dr. Umar Saif was proud to say that the project has replaced the century’s old system and brought about historical changes through technology across the province.

He added that the e-stamping system helps promote transparency by eliminating the fiscal drainage and malpractices of the past.

PITB Chairman informed that the board’s e-stamping team is currently conducting courses for sub-registrars and revenue officials all over Punjab in order to tackle counterfeiting and verification of duties using e-stamping system.

He said that outstanding achievement of this project shows trust and confidence of the people by utilizing the automated service which is equally beneficial for the masses and the government at large.

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    • Usman Ahmad

      now you want Dr. Umar to provide you paani bijlee & gas?

    • Usman Ahmad

      try to appreciate all the good things

  • Usman Ahmad

    very good achievement

  • Farhan Asghar

    Need to spend these rupees on common peoples’ welfare instead of election campaign.

  • timematcher

    How does it work? Whats the workflow/usecase for the common man who want to get stamp paper for lets say car or a property sale?

    • Common Man 100 Wala Stamp Paper 150 Rupee Main Bazaar Se Khareed Le :
      Ye Proffessional Parhe Likhe Logo K Liye hai :p

  • Fazal

    But lower amount like Rs 30 or 50 is usually not available in the court even 100 Rs stamp paper is on black charging 50% extra. Everywhere corruption is going but document’s slogan says NO TO CORRUPTION. what a funny slogan

  • Abu Zaid

    Good initiative, but they should make it available at all banks, right now only Bank of Punjab can print them, and they too only have one person handling all the load.

  • Faheem Ahmad