CDA Fails to Demolish an Illegal Construction On Its Own Land

The Capital Development Authority (CDA), Islamabad has ignored the illegal construction carried out by a private firm at an auctioned petrol pump site on Embassy Road.

Even though this goes against the construction regulations of CDA, however, it is still batting no eye towards it.

The CDA Residential Sector (Building Control) by-law 2005 clearly states that construction of a double-story building at the site of a petrol pump is strictly prohibited. Only a single-story structure is allowed to be built at such a site. However, the two-story building at Embassy Road suggests otherwise.

Faisal Naeem, Building Control Director of CDA, said, “We did not approve the building plan for the said petrol pump and the whole construction on the ground is illegal and unauthorized.”

An important point to note here is that the said site is owned by CDA Staff Welfare Committee (SWC). The committee had bought two sites, in the early 1970’s, for constructing petrol pumps in sectors F-6/1 and G-6/4.

A CDA employee belonging to the authority’s planning department said that CDA must strictly deal with this situation as it is a strong violation of its laws. He added that it sets a bad example for others.

Two years ago, in 2015, the CDA called for a fresh bidding of the site which was previously rented out to S. M. Ismail for a period of 30 years in 1973.

Among 19 bids, the site was rented out to a private group for a monthly amount of Rs 2,178,000. The site was handed over in January 2017 and the group was told to get the petrol pump operational within a duration of 4 months.

Via PakistanToday