Driver Licenses Will Soon Show If You Are an Organ Donor

Your driver’s license may soon contain the “Organ Donor” clause. Under this clause, anyone seeking the driver’s license shall agree to mark themselves as an “organ donor” in case of death by a motor vehicle.

The “Organ Donor” Clause

Yesterday, Syed Ali Raza Abidi – former senator representing PPP tweeted regarding the new clause:

The new act introduced as the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues (Amendment), Bill, 2014 shall come into force at once, stated the announcement.

Section 4A

Under section 4A – donation of human organs or tissues after accidental death – the authority issuing the driver license shall include an undertaking at the first page of the driver’s license.

The undertaking is aimed to seek consent of the license holder, regarding donation of their organs, in case of an accidental death.

By signing the undertaking, the applicant of the driver’s license agrees to donate his/her organs to the nearest authorized medical institution or a hospital recognized by the Monitoring Authority.

Under clause 3 of section 4a, it is the responsibility of the concerned authorities to provide recognition to the deceased donor for their act of kindness and to promote welfare and kindness in the society.

Clause 3 states:

The Monitoring Authority, Driving License Issuance Authority or such authorities in the field of public health shall publicize the importance of deceased donor for the welfare of humanity from different scientific and religious aspects so that people may contribute through their voluntary donations of organs and tissues in case of accidental death.

The Undertaking, an Optional Clause

Syed Ali, however, ensured that the undertaking is optional for the license holders and is included to promote an act of goodwill.

  • In Islam, violating the human body is normally forbidden, but it is permitted to save another person’s life. Indeed, the Holy Quran states in chapter five that,
    “whosoever saves the life of one person it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind”.

  • KHUSHBAKHT SIDDIQUI sb in case of death by a “motor vehicle” not only “motorcycle” accident. There is huge difference motor vehicle and motorcycle.

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