Karachi Named the Second Most Dangerous Mega-City for Women

Cairo, Karachi and Delhi have been named as the worst cities for women to live in, according to a poll conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Cairo, the capital of the Arab world’s most populous country Egypt, is the world’s most dangerous mega city for women, sadly followed by Karachi in Pakistan. Delhi which is also known as the ‘Rape Capital’ was also named the worst city in the world when it comes to sexual violence against women.

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Karachi is home to over 20 million Pakistanis and more than half are women. It is shocking to see Islamic states topping the list for women violence and sexual harassment. A lot of people are trying to create awareness and free women from being constant victims privately and publicly.

Punjab government has already taken a step to control it and now it’s time for Sindh to take this issue into consideration.

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Delhi and Sao Paulo are named as the worst cities when people were asked for a poll about whether these places were safe and females can live a life without the danger of sexual violence, including rape, attacks or harassment.

Karachi ranked 9th when it came to sexual violence, 3rd in access to healthcare, 2nd in cultural practices and 3rd in economic opportunities.

London Best, Tokyo Safest

The most shocking gang rape of a woman on a Delhi bus in 2012 led to a lot of public protests all over the world. This forced many of the developing countries, including Pakistan to toughen the laws for female harassment and violence with doubling or even tripling the penalty.

Moscow beat New York in several aspects and was ranked the most female-friendly city. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said “Women are now leading at every level of society in London – in public service, the arts, politics, science and business – but there was more to do.” And they are trying to promote a female friendly environment.

Overall, London was judged the best city for women in the poll.

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  • Fake polling koi bacha bhi is polling ki essi tessi karsakta he hum bhi Karachi ma rehte hain Aur essa kuch nahi hey yahan

  • haha In LA (Los Angeles) a rape occur every min, rape city of the world, where its name. And most of the time its not even reported.

    city-data .com/crime/crime-Los-Angeles-California.html

  • Whats the point of publishing this article here ? there should be facts and figures supporting this report. This poll might have been conducted with those female activist whose MEN are rapist/harasser themselves.

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