Karachi Police Claim to Have Caught the Knife Attacker

For the past three weeks, Karachi was witness to a different kind of horror.

News made the rounds that women were being attacked by a knife-wielding attacker in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. The number of victims and the incidents kept on increasing, as a helpless police force tried to solve the mystery behind this knife attacker.

They did not know who he was, or what his motives were, with some saying that the serial stabber was a mentally disturbed person. But now, 3 weeks after the first case of the knife attacker popped up, Karachi Police claims that it has arrested the man responsible for those heinous acts.

Who is the Knife Attacker?

The police claims that they have arrested Muhammad Waseem, an individual they have told was also allegedly involved with stabbing cases in Punjab as well.

District Korangi SSP Captain (retd) Haider Raza and his special police team apprehended him with the help of Sahiwal Police.

SSP Raza, while talking to a media outlet recently, shared the news that his team has captured the notorious knife attacker, whose acts have left women in Karachi terrorized for the last 3 weeks.

However, SSP Raza also adds that investigations are yet to start and that Waseem has already denied his involvement when he was initially interrogated by the police.

Waseem was arrested from Mandi Bahuddin, according to police accounts. They say he will be sent to Karachi in a day or two for further interrogations.

Why the Police Are Confident that Waseem is the Prime Suspect Behind the Stabbings

Waseem was previously linked to a case of stabbings in both Sahiwal and Chicha Watni, with 35 and 200 similar cases registered against him respectively.

The Lahore police also suspect him of being involved in two similar recent incidents that occurred in Lahore. If the Lahore police do not book and arrest him in a case we will take him into custody bring him to Karachi immediately.

In fact, Waseem was arrested once in 2015 in Sahiwal as well, but was later freed since there was no evidence connecting him to the crime. He soon disappeared from the city.

The law enforcement authorities in Sahiwal took his brother and friend in custody in a bid to trace Waseem’s whereabouts. As fate would have it, Karachi police and Sahiwal police collaborated with each other regarding the similarity of their cases.

SSP Raza adds that apart from the incidents in Karachi, there were some in Lahore as well. He theorized that Waseem ran from Sahiwal to Lahore and had stabbed some women there as well as he made his way to Karachi.

All this being said, the Karachi police still isn’t fully sure if he’s involved in the cases in the city.

A Terrified City

In Karachi, women belonging to several places in District East such as Dalmia, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Rashid Minhas Road, PIB Colony and Pehlwan Goth, have lived in fear due to the inability of the authorities to catch the culprit since September 25th.

The police had announced Rs 1 million for anyone who could help them trace or nab the suspect.

It is hoped that with Waseem’s arrest, the police may have put an end to a horrific and psychopathic menace. If it turns out that Waseem isn’t their guy, then the ordeal of the ladies in Pakistan’s largest city is far from over.

Via Tribune

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