Indian Sports Channel Acquires Broadcasting Rights For PSL 2018

Cricket in Pakistan has seen far too many gruesome days; try to remember, and you will probably fail to remember all of them. However, the biggest victory in the history — after the 1992 World Cup win, of course — is on the horizon.

An Indian sports channel — DSport — has acquired the broadcasting rights for Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2018.

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The sports channel has agreed to broadcast all 34 matches of the PSL live and exclusive, which is set to begin on 23rd of February.

This is a huge achievement for Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), PSL affiliated parties and franchises for making PSL a global success by signing star players such as Mitchel Johnson, Kumar Sangakkara and Angelo Matthews.

Bigger Audience, Better Revenues

DSports is an all-new premium sports channel launched by Discovery Communications (DC) in India earlier this year.

For those who don’t know about the parent company, Discovery Communications, owns Discovery Channel and operates other factual television networks in the U.S. as well, including Animal Planet and TLC along with spin-offs of Discovery.

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Discovery Communications has shown a keen interest in expanding into sports section, as it promises a bigger audience which is also willing to pay if need be. This shift in the dynamic led to the acquisition of sole ownership of Eurosport in July 2015.

The agreement implies that PSL’s third edition will be viewed by over 1.34 billion people in India. Not only will the PCB have a bigger audience but the revenues will also ramp up.

India holds a very strong position in the world of cricket and a presence in India cricket market will help bring in more opportunities for PCB, especially due to the damage caused by 2009 terrorist attack on Sri Lanka team in Lahore.

We hope that PSL makes the same impact as IPL did when it was first introduced in India.

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  • This is a business deal and i see nothing wrong in it. In business no one asks for your religion or a region. Pakistanio grow up. India is a huge economy and we should shake hands with them rather than calling for stupid fighting all the time.

    • Shake hands with India and do what? So your country can become another Bangladesh, Nepal or Bhutan? Pakistan is the only SAARC country that doesn’t need India…rather it’s India which needs Pakistan, because without peace with Pakistan, India’s economic ambitions are halted geographically by both Pakistan and China. India is pretty much surrounded and cannot expand its rail and road network unless it is on good terms with Pakistan.

      Pakistan knows this very well and has pushed India into a corner.
      Also, Pakistan has its entire western border open for trade to Central Asia.

      Are you even a Pakistani? First time I have heard a Pakistani say this.

      • What’s wrong with using a bigger audience for your own good? There is no downfall to this. These are broadcasting rights, not exclusive rights. Rather using your emotions, think objectively and perhaps you will understand the situation clearly.

      • Yea agreed…Especially when India is trying to humiliate you in every way… our stupid and greedy politicians along with few writers above are talking business. India need to liberate Kashmir first in order to walk ahead with Pakistan.

    • Furthermore, do you even know how big your economy is? By 2050, India will be the 2nd largest economy and Pakistan will be the 16th largest economy. You Pakistanis don’t even know your own facts.

      • There is another fact that Pakistan can never have its own DTH, billions of rupees being transferred to India in regards of dth recharges. We are in 2017 still no dth, no sports in hd

        • You don’t have DTH because your government doesn’t have the courage to go after the cable mafia and your nation is happy with 1980s technology. DTH is not rocket science…any country can set it up.

          Your cable mafia is preventing it. So boycott cable TV.

          How many times I heard “hum zinda quam hai”….really? Show me.

          • I think DTH is DOA. In western countries people have stopped using DTH or Cable tv they have gone to Netflix or similar online tv subscription. Even Sky UK sells all their channels on a app now. Even in India starsports have gone online with their subscription. So it is just matter of time when DTH will get out of fashion.

      • You are vert smart and good guy and top of that also tells facts, so you should be more active. I have learned so many things from you, thanks for your comments.

  • Thanks Dsports, so finally can enjoy in HD, DTH and HD sports broadcast in Pakistan will always remain a distance dream,

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