A Glitch in Careem App is Causing Overcharging and Here’s How to Avoid It

Careem is over-charging customers due to a glitch not under the control of the company.

ProPakistani found that a number of customers were charged extra, at times almost 200%, for rides that they took with Careem.

Sibtain Naqvi, Head of Communications at Careem, confirmed that there’s a glitch which is to blame for the overcharging.

Mr. Naqvi explained that around 0.5% of Careem trips are subjected to miscalculation due to poor internet coverage on Captain’s mobile device when Careem app is unable to access internet and location can’t be determined.

“During such scenarios, our algorithms are unable to define the distance traveled because they are unable to track the GPS in real time”, said Mr. Naqvi.

ProPakistani readers, who sent us reports about the over-billing, said that they were charged extra even when they had internet connectivity. They said that they had internet access on their Mobile Phones both when they booked the ride and when they reached their destinations and even throughout the ride.

Industry experts were surprised by Careem’s response and questioned how the app could end a ride and send customers the bill when there’s no internet.

They also said that its very rare to not to have internet access these days due to dense cellular coverage almost everywhere in the cities where Careem operates.

Careem, on the other hand, claims that the company has been utterly transparent in how it bills the customers.

“After every ride, our captains and customers receive a complete breakdown of their trip. This includes base fare, distance traveled and waiting charges”, said the company spokesperson.

Not to mention, customers who were charged extra were shown incorrect distance covered and hence were charged extra, meaning that a billing receipt can’t do much if distance covered is calculated and billed inaccurately.

Mr. Naqvi admitted that Careem could have miscalculated the fare due to technological limitations, which also plague the likes of Google Maps which are sometimes inaccurate.

“But as a preemptive measure, we have designed a system that identifies 90% of these (0.5%) miscalculated trips and readjusts their fares automatically. For the remaining 10%, we have always refunded those fares manually as soon as the customer raises the issue with us”, further explained the Careem official.

Not to mention, ProPakistani tipsters were not fully refunded the amount that was over-charged, despite the fact that they had registered the complaints with Careem support staff.

While many may claim that an error rate of 0.5% is low, Careem is massively popular in Pakistan and as such, even a low error rate like 0.5% could mean millions of rupees in overcharging.

We strongly recommend that you remain alert when you get the bill and contact Careem helpline immediately if you suspect fare miscalculations.

An easy way of calculating accurate distance covered is by checking Google maps and distance between two locations. It will give you a fair idea of how many KMs you traveled.


Careem has further clarified its position in an emailed statement.

“Ride fares are calculated through the captain’s phone and internet coverage. Very seldom there are technological issues due to poor internet coverage on the captain’s phone that leads to issues. While Careem is trying to offer world class services we also need to appreciate that there are certain infrastructural issues beyond its control. However, what’s important is that these issues are resolved by our support team and we are always available for our customers”

– Sibtain Naqvi, Head of Communications at Careem

  • With due respect, this is not a glitch, this is done deliberately.

    Careem is over charging in 2 different ways
    1- Wallet Errors
    2- Surge Pricing.

    1- When customer chooses to pay by wallet. Careem charges the customer from Point A to Point B, they would show a fare for example 500 to the customer, Customer agrees to pay, driver also sees 500 and the payment is processed. the job is still unverified. Next day Careem would “Verify” the Trip and decrease the price for driver. Customer has paid 500 but the driver will see the verified amount as “390” for the trip and he will get his 80% share from the 390. But the customer has paid 500 and customer has no clue about it.

    2- Fake Surge Pricing. Customer Books a ride and they see 1.5x and as soon as they book it turns in to 2x customer is confused and try to do that again and they still have the same issue, they see the surge pricing as 1.5x but when they book it jumps again to 2x so basically Careem wants people to think that they just jumped the price but in reality they show 1.5x but they charge 2x.

    I was a victim of this crime and I took careem to the point when they had to return my stolen money, I sent them email after email and in 27 days they had to refund my 178 rupees in Karachi.

    • I have taken around 100 rides (maybe more than that) never faced the issues you posted as STEALING.
      I was charged extra one time but it was immediately added back to my account within an hour after calling their support.

      I had issues with the captains (arrival at wrong position, starting the trip without reaching, poor car condition etc etc) but I always get quick response from their support.

      Even today I got back my amount within an hour (after a single call) I was charged cancellation charges on 12th Oct but by calling today (after 5 days) I got them back.

  • I have an issue regarding online shopping from cz Karachi. I ordered samsung A9+J3 for Rs.15000/- cell phone on this site. but they send me fly mobile and nOKIA 3310 which are of about Rs. 5,000/-. All the Cell no. given on the site are not responding and the email addrees [email protected] is also not responding. I think they are fraud site.

  • I was charged 959.26 PKR for a 39 minutes ride. However the distance Careem app calculated was 71 KM. The actual distance was merely 19KM. Careem refunded PKR 550 once I emailed them but I still don’t have no idea on what basis they refunded me, there was no new receipt sent by them.

    The ultimate results, I have stopped using Careem and moved to Uber until the issue is resolved. It’s happening with me second time. Sometime we don’t have that much money in pocket because the drivers argue to pay the amount as shown on screen.

  • Kabhe aise “glitches” main under billing kyun nahe karte, hamesha over billing he q bhai. Jisko jaise dil kar raha hai chuna laga raha hai awam ko

  • This disgusting and annoying app automatically installs on my device even after removing it from my device it will continue this trend again and again.
    Don’t know what is wrong with it.

  • Uber drivers are also overcharging the customers, i booked ride on reaching the destination driver asked for 530 PKR but when i saw my uber ride bill it was only 296… please you must write about Uber because its drivers are misleading the customers and overcharging …..

  • I have taken around 300 rides till today (maybe more than that).
    I was charged extra few times but it was immediately added back to my account after calling their support. Recently they added 120 RS toll gate surcharge while there was no toll gate on my trip route. but it was immediately added back to my account within an hour after calling their support.

    I had issues with the captains (arrival at wrong position, starting the trip without reaching, poor car condition etc etc) but I always get quick response from their support.

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