Pliro Revamps the Design of its Healthcare Platform’s Web UI

Aurora Solutions (Pvt) Ltd has launched the new web version (Web 2.0) of its healthcare platform Pliro.

Pliro is a healthcare platform that provides Clinic Management features of Appointment Management, Electronic Medical Record and Billing & Invoicing for doctors.

It also provides Online Appointment Booking, Appointment SMS Reminders, Online Health Records, Intelligent Search, GPS Location of the Doctor/Hospital, Rates & Service Information, Ratings & Reviews of Doctor and an Online Forum & Blog for the patients.

Pliro Web 2.0 version is focused on better user experience for both doctors and patients making it more intuitive and accessible.

Key Highlights

Cleaner, Simpler & Modern UI

  • Improved and more relevant user interface for Pliro web app, blog and forum.
  • Single search bar for the user with basic & advanced search features.
  • Increased search filter options.
  • The doctor’s dashboard UI is better linked between different features to give a more integrated experience.
  • Simplified views provide faster access to relevant content.

Menu & Color Theme Enhancements

  • A more streamlined menu layout on the landing page gives faster time-to-proficiency for novice users.
  • Use of a color scheme that gives enhanced and more prominent view of the platform.

Faster & Better Functionality

  • Faster access to doctor’s profiles and self-medical records for patients.
  • Faster access to patient’s appointments and medical records in Doctor’s Dashboard.
  • Online Appointment Booking of a Doctor in 4-easy and faster steps.
  • Compatible with latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox.

To check Pliro’s New Web Version 2.0 visit:

Download the latest version on Android/iOS

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