Nvidia Announces GTX 1070 Ti

AMD has been stepping up its game over the past few months, with the release of new Vega graphics cards and the Ryzen processor series. That’s not to say Nvidia has been sitting idly during this period.

One of the oldest graphics card makers in the business, Nvidia has released its latest GTX 1070 Ti, a compromise between the 1080 and the original 1070. Unlike the 1080, the 1070ti is going to be one of its more mainstream high-end cards due to its lower price point.

The Upgrades

The GTX 1070 Ti comes with a base clock of 1607 MHz (vs. 1506 MHz on the 1070), with a boost of up to 1683 MHz. The amount of VRAM is set at 8 GB GDDR5, the same as the 1070, alongside 64 ROPs and 152 Texture Units.

The amount of CUDA cores has increased from just 1920 to 2432 on the newer version, while the total bandwidth supported stands at 256 GB/s. The transistor count stays at 7.2 billion.

The new GP104 based GPU appears to be an entirely new module than the rest of the series. The TDP of the card is rated at 180W, 30W more than the 1070.

As for display output, the new card comes with 3 DisplayPort 1.4, 1 HDMI 2.0b and 1 DVI port.

Good for GTX 970 Owners

The GTX 1070 Ti is more meaningful of an upgrade for those of you that own a GTX 970, with the new card offering twice as much performance as the 970. Its CUDA and SM counts have also come as close to the 1080 as possible.

Pricing and Availability

The graphics card is priced at $449, which is $50 more than the 1070 and around $100 lesser than the 1080. It also sits squarely between the AMD Vega 56 and Vega 64. It will be available early next month from November 2nd.

Availability in Pakistan is still a question mark. You can expect the 1070 Ti to cost north of Rs. 60,000 once it arrives here.

  • A GPU with a FREAKING $500 price-tag?

    You can get a bloody Playstation 4 for that much and save $100, LOL!

    Now, of course The PS4 lacks the sheer muscle to run games at 4k at 160 Hertz but…

    That’s an overkill!

    Fun fact:
    A human eye can’t distinguish between 1440p Quad-HD and 2160p (Ultra HD 4K) resolution and our ‘primitive’ minds can’t process more than 60 Hertz of information! In comparison, flies (Makhi) enjoy the world in 500+ frames and some ‘predetor flies’ who hunt other flies can ‘process’ as fast as 900 Hz! HeHe!

    Aur hum makhi ko itna bura smajhta han! LOL!

    Anyhow, I’ve a ‘humble’ (Even garbage, to some gamers here) Nvidia GT440 GPU with 3rd Gen Core i3 3Ghz couple with 4 Gigs of 1333Mhz RAM and it can run 85% of games out there without effort! I’ve yet to try GTA-5 but even my i3’s IGP (Built-in Graphics), The Intel HD 4000 is capable to run GTA5 at the minimum settings according to some YouTube videos, and my GT440 is quite meaty in comparison! So, I’m sure it can run GTA5 at mid-high settings.

    And if a ‘rig’ can run GTA-5 at 60 30+ frames then it’s a fast enough rig for me!

    Better get the GT1030 for 6,000 Rupees and enjoy!

    • Kid, can you perform high-performance Maching Learning computation or high-intensity graphics rendering on Playstation 4?

      • That is what we fail to understand. Everyone has different needs. A budget gamer will never go for this card and may even opt for consoles. Where as a mid level or hardcore gamer will consider it though. And as you said, there also other applications besides gaming which use dedicated GPUs.

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