Pakistan Navy to Acquire Two Vessels for Counter Insurgency Missions

Pakistan Navy is ordering two 75m Swift Corvettes from Swiftships according to Shehraze Shah, the company’s CEO.

Shehraze Shah, in an interview with Mönch – a defense and security magazine – said that Swiftships’ 11m Special operation Craft Riverine was also purchased by the Pakistan Navy. These ships were bought in order to be deployed for drug-interdiction and counter-insurgency missions.

The CEO added that the Corvettes are equipped with Lockheed Martin’s combat system. He said,

Swiftships has partnered with Lockheed Martin to offer these 1,500 to 2,000-ton ships to the client.

It is expected that Pakistan Navy will be using these ships in their Combined Task Force deployments.

Swiftships says that the Corvette is capable of deploying inflatable boats which can be used for special operation missions such as search and seizure operations.

It can travel at a top speed of 30 knots (55.56 kilometers per hour). The Corvette has an endurance of 25 days and a range of 4,000 nm when it’s traveling at a speed of 15 knots (27.74 kilometers per hour). It can operate in rough sea conditions, as rough as Sea State 6 – 4 to 6 meters high waves are dubbed Sea State 6.

Swift Corvette can be built with either steel or aluminum – if steel is used, it can displace 1,640 tons and if an aluminum structure is used, the displacement capacity falls to 1,000 tons and top speed increases to over 30 knots.

The Corvette allows a number of configurations. A 76mm main gun, two 30mm guns, anti-ship missiles (AShM), Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) for VSHORAD (Very Short-Range Air Defence), two Mk93 50-caliber mounts with Mk16 tripods and decoy launchers can be configured into the Corvette. It can deploy UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) by ScanEagle and also features a hangar capable of holding a utility helicopter.

Via Dawn