I Will Not Give a Single Penny to PIA: PM Abbasi

A suggested ‘turnaround plan’ for the Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PI­AC), was outright rejected by the federal cabinet.

A cabinet meeting was set in order to discuss the stability of the national flag carrier.

The purpose of the meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, was to devise a plan ensuring the capability of the national flag carrier to stand on its own.

The 40-page Plan

According to an insider who attended the meeting, the prime minister was presented with a 40-page plan to rescue the fate of the crippling flag carrier.

The 40-page document was carefully devised by senior officials of the PIAC as instructed by the prime minister. The document was completed over a time span of three months.

Outright Rejection

The carefully planned document was however rejected by the cabinet and the prime minister who was of the view that the document should have been rather concise providing a comprehensive plan for rescuing the flag carrier.

The PIAC faced a hard time with several objections imposed on them by the prime minister, who himself has experience of running an airline.

The prime minister further warned that in case the PIAC fails to devise an effective and comprehensive plan, it will not be provided with any financial package.

He added,

I will not give even a single penny if you people don’t tell me how much amount is required in the first, second, third and fourth year and what progress is expected year wise.

The meeting ended with the decision to introduce a special committee that shall refine the prepared plan of the PIAC.

Via Dawn

  • Well : PM Ko Sahaba Ko Chahyeh tha :
    Ek Committee Banate Check it Kaha Kaise Lose Ho Raha Q Ho Raha Hai Aur Kaise Bachaya Jaye : It’s Simple :
    Why They Are Wasting So Much Time :

  • PIA had around 30 planes less than 30 operational with 18000+ Employees
    Shaheen AirLine 19 Planes with just not more than 1600 employees

    where PIA asking around 20 billion bail out Package they keep demanding this after every 4 months
    in that 20 billion around 10 lac student could be enrolled in pvt school by gov
    (keep each student fee 2000/-)

    • most of the bailout just go in the salaries.. the ghost employment and these unions are killing the PIA

  • PM do not want to save PIA as he is the direct competitor and don’t want that PIA survive. This is his survival

  • I am a PTI supporter but I must commend PM Khakan Abbasi for taking a strict stance and not given these PIA Thugs a single penny….. Privatization is the only solution I see…. There is absolutely No business of government in Business….. Developed countries don’t have a single state owned institution…. and here every other enterprise is state owned…. Good for nothing…. infested with corrupt employees…. who should be fired on the spot…. I hope some sanity prevails and the Prime Minister starve the PIAC to natural death and then these Corrupt Union… administration and employees of PIAC go without salaries for doing nothing and then the PIA is privitized and returns to its glorious years as it was when it was started…. Pakistan Zindabad….

  • Yeh apni Pakistaniat dekhaay ga. First he will take comprehensive plan and then give it to Air Blue to learn, while he won’t allow PIA to execute same plan.

    • Bhai, Airblue is already a success. 2nd if you read the post again the so called “plan” was already having flaws. So a flawed plan makers can’t be trusted much to give a good final plan which PM can steal for Airblue.

      • Who is he to able to find flaws in report by experts? What is his qualification in aviation? He needed to give specific improvement pointers what are flaws and then demand improved version. Moreover, such plan can be summoned from local universities or consultants.

  • Get rid of the ghost, politically assigned employees sucking the lifeblood out of this once wonderful airline. Maybe for once assign a truly competent team who actually knows how to successfully maintain an airline fleet both locally & internationally. Bring the employee from 18000+ to less then 5000+ (even that is being generous, the number should be brought down to less than 2000 given the number of routes PIA is currently operating at in comparison to other international carriers)

  • Dear PM Just Privatize PIA and Purchase it, you can run it like Air blue. Dont waste time hare

  • جناب وزیراعظم کی ﺫاتی ایئرلائن (ایئربلیو) ترقی کر رہی ہے
    قومی ایئرلائن زوال کا شکار کیوں

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