Country Wide Load-shedding Announced for 8-10 Hours Per Day

Under Prime Minister Shahid Khaqaan Abbasi’s directive of closing down power plants running on expensive furnace oil and tripping of plants due to smog in Punjab, some 7000 MW of power generation resources have gone offline, we have checked with sources.

With this huge power supply demand, a country wide load shedding of 8 to 10 hours is being observed.

Sources in Power Division has revealed that today’s peak demand both in urban and rural areas is hovering around 16, 000 MW whereas the generation is hovering around 9, 000 MW, leaving a power demand supply gap of 7000 MW in the national grid.

Under the directions of federal government, the power sector closed all expensive furnace oil/ diesel run power plants of a cumulative capacity of 4250 MW. These power plants include:

  • 950 MW from Hubco
  • 1000 MW from Muzafargarh
  • 400 MW from Jamshoro
  • 700 MW from KAPCO.

The diesel/furnace oil fired plants from the power sectors also include Nishat power, Nishar Chunian Power, Liberty, Hubco Norwal, Atlas and Kel, of cumulative capacity around 1200 MW, said an official statement issued by the Power Division.

Besides the hydel generation average has also come down to 2700MW against its capacity of 7000MW due to lesser releases of water from reservoirs on provinces’ demand.

The SNGPL has also curtained 200 mmcfd gas supplies due to maintenance between 3rd November to 7th November resulting reduction of 500 MW in the system, the statement added.

The Power Division has directed the NPCC to chalk out a well managed emergency load management plan for 72 hours till restoration of 1200 MW nuclear power plants.

A separate load management plan after the approximate 72 hours based on demand supply situation is also being prepared by the NPCC.

However since the demand is declining with decrease in the temperature, therefore the situation is soon expected to show improvement, the Power Division hoped.

The National Transmission and Distribution system today successfully averted major cascade due to tripping at 11 main 500KV and 220 KV NTDC’s circuits/Grid stations caused by unprecedented severe dense smog in the punjab regions which could have led to blackout in case of non-existence of system protections.

The smog triggered tripping has also led to forced closure of all Chashma Nuclear Power plants (C1, C2, C3, C4) where after necessary technical and security protocol the restoration is in progress and it is expected to get full capacity in approximately 72 hours.

These circuits/grid Stations includes 500kv Multan – DG khan. khan, 500kV Guddo747 circuit tripped along with Multan Bus Bar-1, 500kv Multan-Yousafwala circuit, 220KV Mgarh ph1 _Bhwlpr cct 1 trip @0442hrs, 220kv Multan-Vehari circuits -I & II, 220kv Vehari- Kassowal circuits -I & II, 220kv Kassowal- Yousafwala circuits -I & II, 220kv multan-M/ garh circuit -4, 220kv Multan-Kapco circuit-4 500kv multan- , 220kv Vehari ,kasowal & chishtian Grids and 220kv Yousfwala- Okara circuit.

The Power Division has regretted the inconvenience likely to be caused due to the above mentioned facts and the consumers are requested to kindly adopt energy conservation during few days to minimize load on the system.

The Power Division is closely monitoring the situation and shall continue to pass on information to the consumers, the statement concluded.

  • thori dhoop par jae, thori andhi aa jae, smog ho jae ya fog ho gae, llight ka yahe haal hota ha. light ka bandobast kr nhe hota hum sy aur hum america, india aur israel k daant tornay ko phirtay hain. sharam ha k hum ko magar nhe ati

    • Pakistani awam is always told this, we are good in criticizing, bad in knowing real cause of our problems. Governments are expected to solve problems of decades in days while some “powers” keep on pulling their legs and executing power governments get after elections but can’t freely execute. Those who aren’t elected enjoy real power and aren’t accountable.
      FB, TV channels are our biggest source of information and everyone is an expert, too rigid to get influenced by opinion of others…so many problems.

  • Pmln is shooting its own foot, jab elections kareeb hain aur inko vote bhi loadshedding khatam karne pe milte ab inhon ne loadshedding phir se shuru kar Di, this will cost pmln.

  • akhri hitchki hey yeh hahaha
    and you didn’t write about q mobile smuggling story got aired on news channels?


      HumaRi tO jaatii he nh..!!

      KE ka he cOnsumer hn mein B, but 1 secOnD k lie B jO light chlii jae..

      ALLAH KA SHUKAR h..!!


      • KE (Without LoadSheading) Services providig on those areas which all meter has been transfered into Main Poll Or User cannot see the Unit And Meter.
        e.g Some Areas of Orangi, NAZIMABAD, Gulshan, DHA Etc are listed for no loadsheading
        My Uncle in gulshan area & they never face any loadsheading since many years before to till yet

    • The power plants generate smog so he must have ordered them shut. Fossil fuel power plants generate air pollution you know?

      • Read the starting lines again. “… and tripping of plants due to smog in Punjab”

        They are talking about tripping of power plants DUE to smog, not about smog being created by them.

    • Bhai you are not an expert in the field so “haath hola rakho”.
      Whenever there is fog/smog, the transmission lines carrying the power from power plants to different cities(called load centers) often face tripping due to moist insulators(discs) installed on transmission lines.And it’s not like a switch that turns OFF and you just turn it back ON again to take it back to normal. Once a power house trips it takes a lot of time to start it again and then synchronize it with the main power grid. So yeah, this is gonna take some time to get back to normal.

  • CM Punjab was blowing his own trumpet a few days ago that in Nov. We will have 3600MW Surplus Power. Well it is a hole of -4500MW . Seriously great Job! Ruined everything , every institute. If you ask them a question their Arses lit up and they run to a Hospital in LONdon. Such an amazing performance.

    • Trust me you will always cry on this and you are so certain in your comments criticizing government without ever citing any reference. Bravo.

      Shortage of furnace oil has added to power woes as government has issued instructions to shut all oil-fired plants causing loss of another 4,250MW of electricity to the national grid.

      • Seriously? That’s great planning. Want an Award? You need a reference for what? Mr.PM himself said very confidentiality last month that from nov. There will be 0 leadsheding. He was ready to give that in writing to hamid mer. Btw stop being so naive.
        Incompetent ppl are thriving due to glorious apologist like yourself.

  • where Pmln PM shouting at his peak Loadsheding would be ended by nov 2017, Well bad brat of pmln Pakistanis will see you in election 2018, like they vision PPP in 2013 hahah Dont worry bad brat

    • You didn’t read it, you didn’t Google. ProPakistani could write reason in the title, they didn’t.

      Shortage of furnace oil has added to power woes as government has issued instructions to shut all oil-fired plants causing loss of another 4,250MW of electricit to the national grid.

  • Pakistan have no future until we educate people or take back power of voting from illiterates, only inter or graduates should have right of vote

  • For those of you who don’t know: The real reason is loan repayments and forex exchanges falling rapidly – they’re down to $13billion now.

    To decrease oil consumption, the retarded solution of current govt. is to ban usage oil for power production while having no other means to offset it. Great job at managing the economy.

    • Salute to your “expert” opinion, we have experts in every house and street of Pakistan. Remind me of that tea wala who was once advising PM how to run the government.

      • I know you don’t understand anything about economics – which is why you blindly worship politicians – so I won’t waste time explaining how basic this knowledge is for anyone to access.

        It would be in your best interest if you refrain from commenting on matters you have zero knowledge of. You only make a fool of yourself – unfortunately with your IQ to blame, you are oblivious to that fact.

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