FIA Will Investigate 100 Pakistani Who Bought Properties in Dubai

The Federal Investigation Agency will investigate the investments of 100 Pakistanis in real estate businesses in Dubai.

Sources residing in the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) claim that this list of investors was made available to the FIA back in 2014 but no action was taken until 2015. Allegedly, funds transferred by 4, out of 100, of the people in this list were illegal.

The other 96 people, who have Pakistani nationalities, possessed real-estate properties in Dubai. The list has details of all the people mentioned; their names, parents’ names, name of freehold property, exact property details inclusive of house/apartment number, etc.

FIA sent a letter to the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai containing this list of people who purchased property. This was sent to confirm and verify the ownership of these properties by the listed people in order to figure out the nature of their purchases, however, the Consulate has not responded till now.

The State Bank of Pakistan assured that no such property has been purchased overseas by any Pakistani citizen. The Consulate was requested again for the details in 2016, but received no response.

FIA says that these 100 individuals have been sent notices regarding their properties, 23 have admitted and told the FIA that they do have property in Dubai – so far, the FIA hasn’t taken any action them. Instead, it has talked to the Ministry of Interior to get data about Fund Treaties with other countries so that they can inquire whether the funds were transferred legally or illegally.

Properties were purchased in;

  • Al Samar
  • Golf Towers
  • Yanson Quarter
  • Reehan Quarter
  • Mosela GR Mosela
  • Fairways
  • Marina Pormenade DM-XI
  • Al Arta
  • Link GR Links
  • Al Ghozlan
  • Al Thayyal GR B4
  • South Ridge BD
  • Al Majra
  • Stand Point
  • R Palmera-IV
  • Al Jaz
  • Marian Quay DM, Al Dhafrah
  • Travo GR
  • OTB Kamoon
  • Greens Fairway, and many others.

Via GeoNews

    • Kaun si dhunya mai hotay ho Abdul Wahab Mian..this list is so long. 1000s of Pakistanis have and I am in shock to see that very known political and military names are not in the list.

      BTW “nacheez” ka naam bhe ha :p

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