Iqbal Day: Twitter Pays Homage to Poet of the East

Allama Muhammad Iqbal was born on 9th November 1877. Later in life, he went on to become a pioneer of Urdu and Persian poetry. He needs no introduction, such is the stature of the man who gave birth to the idea of Pakistan as an independent state for the very first time.

Iqbal Day used to be a public holiday in Pakistan – to commemorate the efforts of the great philosopher – until 2015 when the former Minister of Interior revoked the national holiday.

Holiday or not, Pakistan celebrates Iqbal day with national fervour every year. While some of us may be complaining about the holiday, the true followers are paying respect to the Poet of the East in whatever way they can on the 140th birth anniversary of Iqbal.

The microblogging platform Twitter is flooded with the messages of respect and reverence for Iqbal as his name trends on the social media site.

The official Twitter handle of the government of Pakistan tweets:

Pakistanis love the Spiritual Father of Pakistan for his efforts to inspire the Pakistan Movement.

Iqbal’s words had the power to move the whole Muslim Ummah.

The West remembers Iqbal for his ideological beliefs and magical poetry.

The national cricketers are also tweeting about Iqbal Day.

The beauty of Iqbal’s poetry is that it never gets old nor irrelevant.

Iqbal lives in our hearts.

We all need another Iqbal to inspire us all and wake us from our deep slumber.

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