Module-Based Medical Curriculum to be Adopted at KMU

In a series of meetings, held between Vice Chancellor Khyber Medical University (KMU) Professor Dr. Arshad Javaid and principals of KMU affiliated medical colleges, it has been decided to revise the curriculum of medical colleges at KMU.

Shift Towards Modern Curriculum

This decision is an attempt to put the current system in accordance with the recommendations issued by World Federation of Medical Education (WFME).

Pakistan is following the discipline-based model which focuses more on older teaching methods and promotes passive learning rather than adult learning.

There are several reasons why this decision has been undertaken, which mainly include;

  • Keeping up with the rest of world in terms of latest medical education and teaching approach.
  • Reducing stress that medical students suffer from.
  • Opening doors for foreign job opportunities for local students.

The officials say that if the curriculum isn’t in line with international standards, Pakistani doctors may not be allowed to work outside the country.

The officials told that once “Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate (ECFMG)” is implemented in 2023 and Pakistan doesn’t meet its standards, Pakistani doctors won’t be hired by other countries. This made it important to take this step and update the curriculum system.

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC)

Although PMDC has provided outlines for medical curriculum, faculty at KMU believes it lacks practicality as it doesn’t consider what the country needs and is lacking collaboration with basic clinical sciences.

So, being the only medical university in the KPK, it is KMU’s responsibility to consider the changing dynamics of medical education around the world and formulate strategies to keep its students and courses in line with them.

Via: Tribune 

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