India Thinks Pak-China Nuclear Cooperation Violates International Agreements

India has always wanted an isolated Pakistan. Time after time India has made attempts (failed attempts) to damage Pakistan’s image.

India has always tried hard, and failed, to vandalize Pakistan’s relations with other countries. This time, Indians think China’s cooperation with Pakistan is somehow a danger and Indians are “concerned” about it.

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China is a part of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and India thinks that Chins is sabotaging its commitments towards the group by having nuclear ties with Pakistan. NSG is a group of countries where the export and use of materials that can be used to manufacture nuclear weapons is controlled. Pakistan has also applied for the membership of this program.

India, out of some lost sense of self-righteousness, decided to give its own verdict about the trade relations between the two independent countries. This report shows that India can’t digest that fact that Pakistan is having progressive relations with other countries.

This was detailed in a report prepared by Russian International Affairs Council and Vivekananda International Foundation.

“China’s military and nuclear cooperation with Pakistan continues to be of serious concern to India.
This includes civil nuclear cooperation that, in Indian view, “violates China’s commitments as an NSG member.”

This statement clearly exposes India’s hypocrisy. On one side India has defense ties, including nuclear assistance programs, with both US and Russia – two major super powers – and on the other side, India is criticizing China’s cooperation with Pakistan.

India just doesn’t stop here, Russia has also made progress towards having positive ties with Pakistan, and this is also a “concern” for Indian authorities.

Though this is hard to swallow but India should accept that Pakistan and China are independent countries and India’s approval isn’t needed to have any bilateral relations.

Via: India TV

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