Zahid Ahmed Will Star in Pakistan’s First Netflix Production

A moment of absolute joy for all Pakistanis! Zahid Ahmed, a local actor, is set to contribute in first Pakistani Netflix production.

Zahid Ahmed, in an interview told all about his new projects. He said that he is discussing with Netflix to be casted as the lead actor in the the first Pakistani Netflix production.

Netflix included Pakistani TV dramas such as Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, and Sadqay Tumharay and Pakistani movies including Waar, Moor, Janaan, Ho Mann Jahaan, Dukhtar, and Wrong No. into their portfolio list last year.

Badar Ikram, the TV producer said in an interview that developing connections with the widely known, Netflix is a great opportunity for Pakistani talent. This will grant exposure to Pakistani shows and it will reach audiences worldwide.

As it is, our television serials are appreciated by Indian audiences. Now this would help further our viewership as we can broadcast our content in multiple regions.

Netflix wasn’t available in Pakistan before and ever since its launch in Pakistan, the film and TV industry have benefitted substantially. Producers and directors have received exposure and opportunities alike. The producer of Na Maloom Afraad, Fizza Ali Meerza said,

Previously we had only two options. Either sell broadcast rights or upload the film on YouTube for free. But now we have another alternative.

Zahid is starring in Daldal, a popular ongoing drama series. He said,

As artists, we can put our foot down and say, ‘This story – it’s been done and dusted so we are not going to sign on it,’ What is the channel going to do if artists are saying no to stories like that? So I’m really happy that we’re at that point.