Pakistan to Start DTH Services Soon: Marriyum Aurangzeb

Direct To Home (DTH) services will soon be launched in the country. This was stated by Minister of State for Information Marriyum Aurangzeb while Chairing a meeting in Islamabad today.


This technology is aimed at providing quality entertainment to the people, she said.

In November 2016, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) auctioned the country’s first three Direct-To-Home (DTH) licenses for Rs. 14.7 billion but many of the television users in Pakistan are still unaware of the basics of the service.

The DTH technology enables a broadcasting company to directly beam the signal to your TV set through a receiver that is installed in the house. There is no need for a separate cable connection.

The dish is placed outside a home which helps in receiving the signals and broadcasting the transmission onto a television. The signals are digital by nature and are received directly from the satellite.

These digital signals provide better quality in all features and make viewing an absolute pleasure.


With DTH, you will also be able to view High Definition (HD) channels, more number of DTH channels and you can customize the package as per your choice.

There are also widespread complaints of piracy of foreign channels by some of the local cable TV operators as well as individuals. Establishment of DTH service with proper authorization is expected to eliminate such gray market activity to a large extent.

How is it different from Cable TV?

The way DTH reaches a consumer’s home is different from the way cable TV does. In DTH, TV channels are transmitted from the satellite to a small dish antenna mounted on the window or rooftop of the subscriber’s home. So the broadcaster directly connects to the user. The middlemen like local cable operators are not there in the picture.

DTH can also reach the remotest of areas since it does away with the intermediate step of a cable operator and the wires (cables) that come from the cable operator to your house. As we explained above, in DTH signals directly come from the satellite to your DTH dish.

Also, with DTH, a user can scan nearly 700 channels.

DTH will definitely cut into the existing cable user base. It will make the local cable operator less important and take business away from them but, it will give consumers greater choice.

How will it operate in Pakistan?

The DTH Operator would receive/downlink the eligible channels (which are authorized by PEMRA for distribution in Pakistan) from various satellites including free to-air and encrypted channels at the head-end / DTH station.


For the encrypted channels the DTH operator would have make payments to the channel operator in accordance with the PEMRA prescribed tariff.

Once downlinked the channels can be edited, where required, to make them conform with the PEMRA code of Conduct. After this the channels would be combined through multiplexer to form a bouquet/channel mix and then uplinked to a designated satellite with adequate transmitting power for distribution to the subscribers.

The subscribers are then able to receive the television channels through a small dish antenna and digital decoder on payment of subscription charges to the DTH operator.

The number of channels will be decided by PEMRA based on the study of local needs, public interest, availability of channels and their conformity with the Code of Conduct .


  • PTV is going to launch this service initially. So samaj lo kysi service ho gi. Jo Sarkar Chahy Ho Ga.

  • Jab kuch bolne ko nahe hota iss minister ko tou DTH ki announcement kar daiti hai. Kitne salo se yehe suna ja raha hai.

    • Aap ka bolna bhe zarori nahe tha….

      If you don’t know last DTH auction was on stay by Supreme Court of Pakistan…stay orders stay the functions of government and authorities.

  • And we are still 2 Decades away from other countries India Included in this sense!

    People here really don’t know their right and don’t demand for a better quality service instead they are being looted by local Cable providers/Thugs….

    God Bless Pakistan!

      • I’m not a lawyer and neither have any plan to be a social worker as of now.

        You can just talk to a lawyer and also there is Google and many other sources to know about your rights.

        By the way, Its Government’s Responsibility to tell their citizen’s there rights…

        Did you ever even heard of Consumer rights?

        I bet you haven’t that’s because government wouldn’t want you to know it so they can just keep their looting going….

      • Can you provide IPTV in Balochistan? In remote areas of Pakistan? Possible without fiber ?

        IPTV can not be provided everywhere.

        • Do you think that they’re going to stop watching Indian dth? Indian dth is way cheap alternative especially due to huge smuggling from Afghanistan

      • Dth is low cost and it can be install even in jungle where there is no electricity or network while internet is not accessable in 50 % areas of country and for iptv you need atleast 100gb data for streaming. Log dth k 550 rp per month sun k chakra rhy hain aur ap iptv ki bat kr rhy ho

        • I had used that sharing cccam thingy in Pakistan but it has so much disconnection. furthermore HD channels cost so much if u buy their box or if u share then u might be very lucky to get all matches live as so many people just crash the sharing server. They say it is HD but they have reduced the quality and Frame rate to save bandwidth. SKY UK has shifted most people to their IPTV service, I think it is good because u can pause and go back to the show from the beginning and skip ads.

          • May be you bought a 3rd class cccam server holder but belive me i am using a box named starsat 2000hyper and bought a paid line 900rs for three months plus 15 months company enbuilt cccam all indian hd +sd channels are running without any break aur freezing. I think 900 is not a bad deal for 3 months we pay 400 every month to local cable wala who gives us horrible pic quality. And as far as iptv i will repeat again you 100gb per month plus monthly iptv charges now calculate and compare

            • CCCAM thingy also needs mobile data to work fine as dsl is often unstable for such activity. I bought three dishes even bought bigger ones due to rain effects but still problem remains that sharing thingy is not so permanent and disconnections are there. also the encryption mechanism gets updated again and again so you may not have good experience. sometimes they say dishtv hd is working other time sun or videoconn. it is just pure luck. After going outside of Pakistan I am a fan of online tv as you can watch it on tv, phone or tablet anywhere anytime. I have seen the quality of dishtv hd. the problem is that it is not 720p they have still downgraded the quality. regarding local cable mafia it is better to have good internet connection and subscribe to netflix.

        • I was also using on sharing but then PEMRA went aggressive and did crack down. As far as sharing is concerned even the sellers say we cannot guarantee about the line working for live events such as cricket and football matches. You dont need 100gb data it all depends what you watch. But the bigger question is that is your area fiber ready or not. FTH is necessary dsl does not work.

  • This statement is 180 degrees different from what we have observed laterally, earlier pta announced bidding to 3 dth operators which was later challenged in LHC , and we havn’t heard about that again.
    Here this lady is talking about launching dth & asking PTV to do it & no mention of PTA its bidding or the Court case. Can someone explain that dth service is different from terrestrial antenna service !

  • She is dumb and don’t know anything about dth, Pakistan can never have dth service because they have mafias like plmn ppp and they support cable wala gundas

  • it’s already available in Pakistan. pemra wasted too much time and can no longer call the shots.

    what are they going to do when iptv takes off? they will have no say in that whatsoever.

  • Last year wala drama phir se repeat ho ga. cable mafie, geo network ye phir se cheekhaingy aur phr 2 sal tak khmooshi

  • Duniya bhar main is yeh technolagy kafi arsay say use horhi hy hum abhi sirf Elaan hi krtay phir rhy hain

  • does anyone have the idea about its pricing? how it will work? and what could be its estimated charges per month?

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