Tajori.pk is an Online Store That Also Imports Products from International Sites

The e-commerce sector in Pakistan is growing by leaps and bounds. Despite the market being dominated by a few big giants, a lot of new entrants also see the potential in making their business go online.

A lot of stores leave a lot to be desired for the average Pakistani consumer. Sometimes it’s just about their lack of deliverables, and sometimes its due to the lack of consistent branding on part of new and upcoming e-commerce stores. Pakistani online shoppers have been burnt too many times ordering online, which is why it becomes more important for big and trusted names in ecommerce here to do more to reach out to them.

In such a hyper-competitive backdrop, e-commerce stores that are a notch above the rest, rule the roost. One such top store happens to be Tajori.pk, a leader in electronics & computing, mobile and tablet accessories, toys, baby items, sports, travel, women’s fashion, jewelry, men’s fashion, watches, beauty products, health products, make-up, kitchen & appliances and mobile products in Pakistan.

About Tajori.Pk

Tajori.pk is the brainchild of Saqib and Faisal, its two co-founders. When asked about the idea behind the name of “Tajori”, the co-founders mentioned that the name itself represents quality products since in the old days, people used to keep their precious things in Tajori instead of a bank.

Furthermore, products on Tajori.pk are thoroughly checked with quality inspection and all out efforts are made to ensure they are exactly the same as described on website.

Tajori.pk currently operates from Lahore and Karachi Offices. It has plans to open offices in every region in the future.

Here are some of the reasons why you should check out Tajori.pk for online shopping in Pakistan :

Spoiling You For Choice with a Wide Selection of Products

Electronics, men and women’s fashion, sports, toys, jewelry, furniture, mobiles, beauty. You name it, chances are that Tajori.pk has it.

Browse through their huge product catalog today.

Order from Amazon, Newegg, eBay in Pakistan and more!

Often times you might be saying to yourself, wishing that a product that is listed at Amazon or eBay could be available in Pakistan.

Once again, Tajori is up to the task. You can just send them the link to your favorite product and they will send over their quotations for importing it to your city. Check out their comprehensive list of international stores here.

Accessible for Corporate Customers too

Businesses and large organizations have specialized and heavy-duty needs, something that might not be entertained by most consumer-oriented ecommerce stores in Pakistan.

Tajori however, caters to the corporate sector as well. You can get in touch with them and talk terms that help your business reach your goals in no time at all.

A Super Fast Delivery Service

You might need to wait a week or even 2 with some ecommerce stores when it comes to delivering your order. But not with Tajori.

The company claims that it is providing an urgent 1-4 working day delivery service all over Pakistan.

A Robust Price Matching Policy

Think that a product at Tajori’s website is been sold for less somewhere else? Simply send them the link to the aforementioned price listing and the good folks at Tajori will match those for you.

No fuss no muss.

With so many great reasons, its time you tried Tajori.pk for your next big purchase.

  • i ordered one item and got exactly what i ordered there , Great Service keep it up tajori guys !!!

  • someone please tell Tajori webmaster that Kashmir is missing from the Pakistani map showing inside the advertisement.

  • Taxes on international imports plus their own profit makes an item 200% to 300% more expensive than the original list price.

    • Would you then expect the same price in Pakistan – ofcourse they are offering services and need to add profit on it – there is no business in the world without profit :)

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