Senate Panel Orders to Vacate the Surroundings of the New Islamabad Airport

Senators have asked for a “total cleanup” of the areas surrounding the new Islamabad Airport.

The Senate Standing Committee for Cabinet Secretariat Chairman Senator Talha Mahmood said during the panel’s meeting at the Parliament House said, “There are few houses near the boundary wall of the new airport, which can be used for negative purposes.”

As per the statement issued by the Senate Secretariat, Talha Mehmood, ordered to get the houses and buildings evacuated under relevant laws in a civilized manner.

The standing committee also observed that the capital lacked “interchanges”. If an interchange is not stationed in every sector, citizens would then face traffic issues.

The committee called for a meeting with the NHA chief to discuss the insufficient interchanges in the capital.


CDA Director Khushhaal Khan was called and was told to shift the nurseries near the Peshawar Mor to alternative locations as the nurseries were in the way of the Metro Bus extension project that connects the New Islamabad Airport to Peshawar Mor.

Counterfeit Housing Schemes

The Chairman of the committee informed the relevant authorities to take strict action against fake housing schemes. Though most of the housing societies are authentic, they breach regulations.

“Boards should be installed around the boundary wall of the NIIA telling them up to where construction can be done and how much. The committee will visit new airport next week and review it in detail,” he said.

The standing committee was informed about 21 societies built outside the premises of the airport, to which the committee asked for maps and details of these societies to overlook which ones meet the legal requirements.

The lawmakers ordered the CDA to be present at the next meeting. They say that CDA hasn’t taken any strict measures against the illegal buildings that violate the building code.

The meeting was attended by Senators Shahi Syed, Hidayatullah, Kamil Ali Agha, Saifullah Bangash, Najma Hameed, Kulsoom Parveen and secretaries of CADD and establishment division and senior officials.

Furthermore, sources tell us that the New Islamabad Airport may face further delays and might be extended until next year.

Via Tribune

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