Hilarious: MS Dhoni Greeted With ‘Boom Boom Afridi’ Chants in Kashmir

People of Kashmir have made a mockery of MS Dhoni as he was greeted with slogans of Shahid Afridi during his recent visit to Kunzer.

Former captain of Indian cricket team, Dhoni, was in Jammu & Kashmir as a chief guest for the final of Chinar Cricket Premier League.

A huge number of people gathered to greet the star player but upon his arrival, things took an unexpected turn and instead of appreciating MS Dhoni, people started chanting ‘Boom Boom Afridi’.

A local caught all of this on a camera and since then, the video has gone viral.

You can hear the Afridi and Boom Boom chants at minute 2:30

These chants were perhaps a way for all the Kashmiris to show their love and affection towards Afridi, who positioned himself as the biggest brand in Pakistan’s modern cricket history.

Moreover, it was also a jibe at the Baramulla’s district municipal committee, who invited an Indian cricketer as the chief guest for the final game of the tournament.

However, despite being faced by an unfamiliar situation, as always, Dhoni kept his calm and dealt with the situation calmly. He did not respond to the crowd, signed some autographs and then proceeded to enter the stadium.

On the same occasion, when asked whether India should resume cricketing ties with Pakistan, the 36-year-old said:

When we talk about cricket, in most people’s opinion it is a sport, but when it comes to India and Pakistan series, it is much more than that. It is also a diplomatic and political decision.

Saying that it is just cricket is wrong, as it also has an impact on the Indian economy. So, coming to a conclusion on India-Pakistan series is a big decision which should be left to the government.

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