Twitter in Meltdown as Nawaz Sharif Says ‘Loota Main Nain to Tumhain Kya’

Nawaz Sharif has been in hot water since the Panama scandal and it hasn’t been easy for him ever since. From being named in Panama Case to the disqualification from the post of Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif has had a tough time, and it’s not getting better anytime soon.

The leader of Pakistan Muslim League (PML) N has been in the news for a long time now and not for any good reason. The comedy of errors, one after another, surrounding the Sharif family has haunted them real bad.

The recent statement of Nawaz Sharif regarding his assets has sparked a barrage of hilarious tweets on the microblogging platform – Twitter.  (Click to view more tweets) was the top twitter trend yesterday as people responded to the former PM’s odd approval of allegations against him.

Here’s what he said,

And the hashtag  is now trending on Twitter.

The nation needs answers, not this.


Not anymore.

Baby and Baba.

It fits well with Zardari, doesn’t it?

Beyond Federal.

Qatari letter never gets old.

Someone must answer this.



Everyone seems to enjoy the trend as if offers a breath of fresh air after a tense past couple of weeks.

Zaeem Qadri is a legend.

Enjoy the view. Tumhe-Kya!

What do you think about the latest statement by NS? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Feature Writer

  • Finally The Dakko revealed his true face…
    How come you Pakistani’s poke into his (Majesty?) business?
    Mind your own business, he can F*Up Pakistan, you can’t point the finger against him.
    Now how PML-N will defend this mindless creature?

  • Kahan hai iska woh paaltu jo har cheez explain karnay aajata hai iski? I’m sure iska bhi satisfactory jawab hoga us paaltu k pass. Plz come up and explain.

  • Out of context, you can make mockery of anything. But i am surprised why ProPakistani always picks ant-nawaz statements. Can they dare to share the video of DG Rangers distributing money in Labaik dharna ? ProPakistani should avoid from political masala. Focus on pro tech.

    • Inside the Context. #TumheinKya? ProPakistani political news post karay ya tech post karay! Aamir Atta Sahab ki marzi! xD

    • Distributing money among the protestors was not wrong infact the government should have done that … Alas they were busy in saying TUMHAIN KYA …. PMLN during its reign has never for once handled anything without the intrusion of pak army … i am using the word intrusion because ARMY has nothing to do with politics… it takes over only at the cost of democracy…. but in these 5 years we have seen dictatorship under the head of democracy.THANKS TO NO ONE ELSE BUT PMLN … SUCH SUCH HOTA HAI ….. TUMHAIN KYA

      • Sure why not. Destroy everything with “dharna and jalao ghirao” and govt should reward them for that. Typical soch of Imran Khan and Khadim Rizvi’s minions.

        ویسے خادم رضوی کی گالیاں سننے کے بعد عمران خان کی گالیاں مجھے اب بھلی معلوم ہونے لگی ہیں.

        • It was a peaceful protest in the very beginning comprising about 250 people .. if the government had been keen to negotiate we would have not seen this drama of JALAO GIRAO … a major mistake was termed as a clerical mistake .. the 1000 rupee containing packet wasnt a token of appreciation but it was given so that the people could find their way back home. I wont discuss IMRAN KHAN as i dont support him … neither his ideas nor his personality .. i support our ARMY … and i fell sorry for the government that WE have elected , as it is always unable to handle its people.

  • politicians here have said in the past that corruption is their right. that is how it is in Pakistan. thieves believe they are in the right and it is the victim who is at fault for letting them steal from him. society also believes this. smart = evil in pakistan. dumb = honest. it is the pakistani way.

  • A journey from “MUJHEY KYUN NIKALA” to “TUMHAIN KYA” i wonder what is going to be his next excuse ….. the PMLN drama is not going to last long as all behind-the-scenes moments are out already … letting a Disqualified person be a head of ruling party was the biggest blow. These minor confessions are nothing but a side show .

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