Youtube Implements Strict Policies for Kid Related Videos

Lately a trend has been seen on YouTube where many videos are being disguised as kid-friendly whereas in reality, the content is offensive.

Another problem highlighted by Buzzfeed was that some videos have content which is child-abusive. YouTube has been trying to battle the problem for long but now it has finally decided to take serious steps.

Google wants to make YouTube safer for their young viewers and have decided to come up with a policy and guidelines which will direct both the problems at the same time.

New Policy

  • The ads wills be removed from the videos with troublesome content. This act will demonetize the videos and discourage the uploader.
  • Inappropriate comments will be blocked or removed from videos targeted to minors
  • Google will be consulting with experts in the area.

The Action Plan

One of the employees at Google wrote in a blogpost that the changes and new policies will be implemented over the course of next few weeks. They plan to further enhance the policies in the future as new threats appear.

The new policies are going to be implemented on every channel owner without any exceptions. It will also be implemented on those videos where the content is child-endangering even if there was no such intention from the uploader.

During the last few weeks, YouTube has already removed thousands of videos and terminated 50 channels which did not conform with their new guidelines.

Google has even developed new policies to put an age restriction on videos which have child-friendly characters whereas the themes and content is not age appropriate. This will be done using automated tools and machine learning. YouTube will be working with “Trusted Flaggers” to filter out the inappropriate videos.

Via Engadget

  • This is a great step by google and it was the biggest concern of the times. This article shows that the problem is rightly identified by the google and thinhs will become better very soon. In sha Allah

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