Govt Claims Loadshedding Has Ended Angers Social Media

According to a recent statement by a government official, the loadshedding is a story of the past now. Many parts of the country will be free from all kinds of electricity loadshedding, the government claims.

Claiming that load shedding is history now, Minister for Power Division Sardar Awais Leghari said that 5,297 feeders would be free of load shedding from Monday (today).

On Sunday, Power Division Minister Sardar Awais Leghari addressed the media claiming that we have made 63% of the feeders totally loadshedding free. He further added that before achieving this milestone, only two hundred and thirty-six out of 8,600 feeders were 100% load shedding free.

“The zero load-shedding feeders include LESCO 1227, GEPCO 748, FESCO 896, IESCO 710, MEPCO 763, PESCO 309, HESCO, 204, QUESCO 61, and tribal areas 29 feeders,” he claimed while presenting the list of load shedding free feeders.

He said that the feeders that observe losses below 10% would face no load shedding at all.

He also assured that the rural citizens would avail equal distribution of electricity from now on. There wouldn’t be any difference in terms of electricity distribution.

Answering a question, Leghari said that “16, 477 MW of electricity is being generated in the country today, out of which 2,700 MW of electricity is surplus.”

In a final note, Minister Leghari requested the people to help the power companies in overcoming the electricity theft so that they may fully get rid of loadshedding.

The Blunders

The claims of the government have failed miserably, considering the fact that a number of regions are still experiencing load-shedding problems. In addition, the numbers don’t add up.

Some of the plants, which were considered functional in the statement released aren’t even fully functional. The claims will be put to test once the winter is over since there is minimal use of electricity this time of the year and loadshedding levels drop to a minimum this time of the year.

To top it all off, add all the numbers and you won’t get the “Grand Total” mentioned in the official image unless the non-important projects added over one-fourth of the whole installed capacity.

How Twitter Reacted

Twitter never fails to disappoint, particularly when it comes to pointing out the mistakes made by the political parties. The post which started it all.

Here’s what people said about the claim.

It’s difficult to fool the nation these days.

Not just others provinces, even Punjab is not load-shedding free yet.

The comedy of errors.

Here’s another claim made by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Khawaja Asif.

Balochistan is a part of Pakistan, isn’t it?

The pinds are still facing load-shedding problems.

In the winters.

Even Lahore.

Let’s talk about Sui Gas, shall we?

In a parallel universe, I guess.

Is it for just point-scoring?

What goes around comes around.

Let’s see what you have to say about the claims of the government. Sound your views in the comments section.

  • Our area was loadsheding free for couple of weeks, then this statement came and guess what, loadshedding started from today. Great!!!

  • In Lahore my area no load shedding from months. This month i paid just Rs. 27 for electricity bill. Remaining amount was adjusted in “arrears”. Some thing positive has been done.

    • Something positive has been done only for Lahore? Or its winter thats why you are not facing load shedding. In-fact now you ll face gas load shedding. don’t worry claim your this statement after march. Hope for the best

      • Do you really live in Pakistan? or you are typical anti PMLN party supporter. In past, in winter season load shedding was same or more than we had in summer. I think you forgot the times when there was 2 hours load shedding after one hour. Situation is much much better than past. Not only in Lahore, I have visited many other places like Islamabad, Murree, Multan, Jhang and Sahiwal… more or less same load shedding routine as we had in Lahore.

        If someone do a good thing we should appreciate this. Credit goes to PMLN govt. but on the other hand there is no justification when they say “load shedding is still there in those areas where electricity loses are higher due to theft”. If 10% of a area is getting electricity using Kunda why punish remaining 90% of that area.

        • haha. please check Musharraf era no load shedding. Musharraf left with 19000 MW production. With so much of addition to system stories still 10000MW capacity is treated achievement. where is rest of added capacity.
          no payments to power houses so no electricity acquired.
          Nandipur story, Quide Azam park solar now coal power dramas.
          this pagal Kion-Nikala baba and arrogant Brand-Nawaz mai needs some serious mental treatment before such non-realistic announcement.

          • Subhan Allah! “check Musharraf era no load shedding” Bhai yableeon ka jawab meray pass nai ha. I still remember the worst situation in Musharraf era. Baqi, nandi pur, solar park…blah blah… bhai, meray ghar tu 24/7 bijli aa rai ha. mein tu bohat khush hoon. aap ko Nawaz sey nafrat ha tu mein kya ker sakta hoon ap apni bijli katwa doo. Bolo jab Musharraf ya Imran PM ho ga tab hi bijli use karoon ga.

            • well bacha first read some newspaper or book then come to discuss.
              tell me how much load shedding in Musharraf time.
              i have no hate to anyone like you i love Pakistan only if Nawaz doing good i will love him don’t worry.

              • no need to read any book or newspaper. I am living in Pakistan since my birth. I remember, 8-10 hours load shedding in Musharraf time.

                “i have no hate to anyone like you” Seriously! :D

        • I live in Lahore since 4 years. Agree load shedding is somehow covered, but you cant say its completely covered. In summer I can not start my AC with out stabiliser. and what about gas shortage?. Also have a visit to Peshawar then you will realise what is actual situation. Lahore is not All Pakistan. and PMLN is doing for Lahore only. even they ignored punjab. Can you compare Faisalabad and Gujarnwala (excluding cities where you people only compare cities). People like you, will not change mentality.

          • Great! at last you confirmed “load shedding is somehow covered”. Well, I have witnessed situation is much better than past. Yes, we face gas shortage in winter. but i also remember 2-2 hours long queues for CNG. Now CNG stations are 24 hour open. No?

            I have visited Jhang. Where low income earning poor people live. Load shedding is just 30 minutes to one hour a day and uninterpreted Gas supply. Jhang is not Lahore :( Ab mein kya karoon smajh nai aa raha :(

            “People like you, will not change mentality.” What should i do to become a sane person like you? I should say i am not getting electricity at all. No gas supply? please enlighten me. I want to be a sane person like you. Thanks

  • اس اعلان کے بعد ہمارے علاقےمیں 5 سیکنڈز کا پیکج سٹارٹ ہو گیا ہے ۔یعنی ہر 2 منٹ کےبعد 5سیکنڈز کے لیے آتی ہے۔

  • Dhakan abi thk politician k statements ki samaj nai aai. Ye sary corrupt winter mi load shedding hatham karny ka claim karthy hai, while there is no statement in summer. winter mi ap electricity need kithni hoti hai, or ha you ll get gas load shedding gift in winter soon.

  • well in winter season only dumb minded person can believe this. total requirement was not more than 10000MW when they were trying to fool already fooled patawris..
    koi sharam koi haya…
    this old lady Maryam n group has really gone nuts and seems huge nuts..hahaha

  • There was no light in Mozang Chungi from 930 to 1030 today, load shedding back to routine after one day. all claimed energy spent in one day i guess. :P

  • today Kasur city power down since 10AM till now and hopefully will continue to reduce user’s bill with this action.

  • I can confirm no loadsheding in Islamabad, Pindi and Lahore. However, some areas near Orange Train route in Lahore facing outage but that is due to contruction not loadsheding.

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