Samsung Begins Mass Production of 512 GB Storage for Phones

Samsung has done it again. Those of you who were impressed by Samsung introducing a 256 GB UFS storage chip, your jaws would drop if you hear about the most powerful chip in the industry.

The South Korean giant is now working on a 512 GB embedded Universal Flash Storage memory chip (eUFS), giving your smartphone an insane amount of storage, double or quadruple than what it had before.

The chip consists of eight 64-layer V-NAND chips. What’s fascinating about this is that even with the enormous storage space, its takes up the same amount of physical space as any normal chip does, but is twice as dense.

Can Store 1300 Minutes of 4K Video

You can now store up to 130 10-minute 4k video clips, where a 64GB can only store up to 13 such videos.

Even though Samsung and other smartphones (except for iPhone) have the option of expandable storage through a microSD card, internal storage still has its own benefits.

Read/Write Speeds

The 512 GB chip is able to read and write new data at 860 MB/s and 255 MB/s respectively which, according to Samsung, is eight times faster than your average microSD card.

It also has a random read speed of 42,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS) and a write speed of 40,000 IOPS.

Will be Used in Next-Gen Phones

Samsung told that the new chip would be used in the next-gen phones. It will be used in Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 in addition to other smartphones.

The insane amount of storage can help you multi-task on your phone. Not just that, Samsung also claims that the chip has a proprietary energy-saving circuit design, which would help processes from leeching your battery.

Larger storage will enable larger apps for Smartphones as well as more space for the OS. The biggest plus is obviously being able to store more high resolution images and video.

While the 512 GB chip is being worked on, Samsung also announced that it would increase the production of 256 GB chips.

Via Mashable

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