Unfit for Duty: One Third of Multan’s Police is Ill

The Punjab Health Department, in an awareness week held in Multan, diagnosed around 30% of more than 4,000 policemen and officials with some sort of health condition. With diabetes being more common in the police department, many workers were also diagnosed with high blood pressure, Hepatitis B and C, and even tuberculosis.

4,606 personnel were tested by the Health Department in a span of 3 days. 1,499 personnel out of the total had some sort of a medical condition; 873 were diabetic, 250 had high blood pressures, 247 suffered from Hepatitis C, and 129 had Hepatitis B. Suspiciously, 400 officers decided not to get themselves diagnosed.

Officials claim the sick officers had been working too hard to meet the needs of the police force, adding that the force lacked numbers and strength.

In an attempt to defend themselves, the officials added that the personnel with poor health will be looked after and treated as soon as possible. The one person whose illness is severe, will be allowed to retire early.

This is a good example of the government’s negligence towards health, safety, and rights of the people. According to statistical data, the total allocation of expenditures incurred on health and medical needs of the people makes up only 2.6% of the GDP. The data also says that the average life expectancy of Pakistani people is 66-68 years and the most common diseases in Pakistan are HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis.

  • “Officials claim the sick officers had been working too hard to meet the needs of the police force”
    Working hard causes diabetes and Hep B & C? ?? Medicine books say opposite to that ?

  • Most of the police force in pakistan is corrupt and that’s the reason that they have these critical illness,because they are always stressed due to their acts………

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