FPSC Directed to Carry Out Detailed Analysis of CSS Results

Seeing the continuously declining pass percentage of CSS candidates, the Prime Minister has instructed Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) to do a detailed analysis on why the results have been poor.


Results of Central Services Commission (CSS) examinations have been on the downfall for past three years.

  • In 2014 24,640 candidates appeared for CSS exam, only 233 cleared all tests while vacancies were at 315.
  • In 2015 12,176 attempted CSS exam, out of which 439 managed to pass it while 377 cleared the interview.
  • In 2016 9,643 gave CSS test out of which only 193 candidates were cleared for appointments.

The decreasing percentage of recommended candidates resulted in issuance of directives from PM himself. Prime Minister Abbasi ordered FPSC to present a detailed report behind this matter.

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FPSC will take input from Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms (MPDR) and Establishment Division (ED) to determine the factors behind the decline.

Shoaib Siddiqui, Secretary at MPDR, told that FPSC will perform the task given by PM and,

We will also give our input in that report, in order to produce more professional and capable civil servants, who [will be able to] brace the modern day challenges.

An FPSC official anonymously said that the commission has already started working on the matter. He stated that FPSC will compare the current procedure with that of developing countries and see where it lags behind.

The results also showed the not-so-satisfactory level of English language of CSS candidates. It was also suggested that higher education institutes offer courses to enhance students’ level of English language.

Ministry’s Presentation

A few days back, Minister of Planning Ahsan Iqbal gave a presentation to the PM on CSS reforms. He told that extensive reorganization needs to be done by the federal government since most of the matters were transferred to provincial governments as a result of 18th amendment.

On this PM Abbasi ordered ED to see if the number of seats are to be reduced in federally administered institutions.

Via Pakistan Today

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