PEC Accused of Issuing Illegal Licenses to Foreign Firms

Pakistan Engineering Council’s seven senior members accused the council’s administration of damaging the national economy by issuing counterfeit licenses to foreign firms for the constructions and operation of projects that are worth billions of rupees without joint ventures (JVs) with Pakistani companies.

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A letter was sent to the Minister of Science and Technology (MoST) and secretary. The letter called for the constitution of a commission to take action against these illegal licenses being issued without even checking their project-specific joint venture agreements with their Pakistani counterparts especially in cases where expertise and specialized technology was not available with the latter in total violation of by-laws.

PEC Spokesman Khadim Hussain Bhatti, adding that there was no violation against the laws in issuance of those licenses said:

The nine-member Enrollment Committee approves cases of foreign companies as strictly as per laws. There might be the difference of opinion by certain members of the general body but out of 66-member’s general body, seven members’ reservations would be count as a minority opinion.

However, the documents available with the local media state that the governing body members Engineer Professor Dr Salim Tabbassum, Engineer Mian Sultan Mahmood, Engineer Professor Dr Mohammad Zafar Noon, Engineer Dr Izhar-ul-Haq, Dr Niaz Ahmed, Engineer Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain, Engineer Dr Abdul Sattar Shakir and Dr Shahab Khushnood have state that clauses 7(2) and 4 (11) of “Construction and Operation of Engineering Works By-Law 1987” have been transgressed in this case.

The letter says that:

… Clauses 7(2) and 4 (11) of “Construction and Operation of Engineering Works By-Laws 1987” clearly state that with the execution of joint venture agreements of Pakistani constructors or operators for specific projects, only with such foreign constructors or operators which possess the expertise and specialized technology not available in Pakistan could transform the facilities and experience into transfer of technology, capacity building, expertise and time and cost optimization, which will boost economic growth in the country, which is the main objective of the PEC’s constitution.

The details about at least 18 no-limit gigantic and three C+1 category foreign firms, to whom the licenses were issued, can be viewed on the PEC’s official website, with 8-9 cases where no joint venture agreements had been made, claim the governing body members.

“Illegal licenses” to foreign firms were issued till June 2018, which is also termed as a violation to the clause (5) of the “Construction and Operation of Engineering Works  By-Laws 1987”, under which licenses are issued every year with validity up to December 31 of the year of issue, they added.

Via: PakistanToday

  • who is the Chairman PEC? A man already wanted by NAB for being defaulter of Pakistan Railways of Rs.1.4 Billion extracted through frauds with a National Department after serving WAPDA with dozens of such mis-deeds as an Ex-En.

  • We start a discussion with a small accusation against anybody and anyone. We must not go to extreme levels with out getting some clarification.
    The person to talk to is the Secretary PEC who has denied any wrong doing. If matter is so much serious then rather than making hue and cry, involving press and complaining to Ministry of Science & Technology, go to Police station and courts. We as a nation should stand tall and put our money where our mouth is.

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