10 Attributes That Make Zameen Expo 2018 Karachi a Resounding Success

Zameen Expo 2018 Karachi is back with a bang! The Expo will kick-start the new year with great zeal and zest and set the tone for a promising 2018. Zameen Expo is scheduled on January 6th & 7th in Halls 4 and 5 at the Expo Center, University Road, Karachi. Over 80,000 visitors had attended the Expo in 2017. Just like the earlier Expo the event will bring to the doorsteps of Karachiites some of the most lucrative real estate offers from across the country. Thousands of visiting families and experienced investors can be sure to find a variety of real estate options suited to their budgets and tastes. So what does make the Zameen Expo a favourite amongst exhibitors, investors and families? What is it that Zameen Expo does so well that sets it apart?

Zameen.com is the foremost and most influential real estate market platform of Pakistan. However, to repeatedly deliver successful property exhibitions it involves a whole array of enterprising undertakings. Zameen Expos display attributes that are re-assuring of a robust, innovative, progressive and stable exhibitions platform. Let’s take a closer look at the attributes that make Zameen Expos exceptional.

  1. Regularity and Persistence

Zameen Expos are a regular occurrence across major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Each year Zameen Expo tours across Pakistan with bigger events and greater variety of properties on offer nurturing people’s confidence in the realty market. Over the course of 11 Expos to-date Zameen Expo have come to form a personalized bond with exhibitors and visitors alike. This bond transcended national boundaries when Zameen Expo took the Pakistani flag to Dubai with the Pakistan Property Show in October 2017 attracting over 14,000 overseas Pakistanis over 2 days.

  1. Unmatched Property Inventory:

Zameen Expo offers an unmatched property inventory that caters to a wide range of budgets, payment plans, property tastes and location preferences. The Expo team reaches out to exhibitors from all over the country to participate in the Expo. These measures help visitors maximize value by making property investment decisions from a wide range of choices. The variety of projects on board provide for both residential and commercial properties with good investment prospects for future.

  1. Exclusive deals and discounts:

Exhibitors offer limited time exclusive deals and discounts at Zameen Expos that give investors a head-start compared to the general market outside. These incentives include anything from a upfront waive-off on the base price to easy payment plans to exclusive inventories not easily available in the market. Each year Zameen Expos bring newer incentives to the visitors. It is therefore highly recommended to visit the Expo to avail these offers.

  1. Open-market Dynamics:

The number and variety of exhibitors at Zameen Expo ensure an open-market dynamic for the visitors to make well informed, cross-referenced and thoroughly advised decisions. The vast variety of real estate offerings by real estate agents and exhibitors from all over Pakistan encourages   transparency, competitive prices and additional benefits to attract visitors.

  1. Cost savings and portfolio development:

Apart from the traditional act of ‘visiting properties’, these property expos visit you! Details of all profit yields and venturing are provided to the people who receive on ground information regarding realty market in their own respective cities. The one window catering of nationwide realty inventory saves millions in costs of travel, consultation and missed opportunities. Access to both commercial and residential property options help devise a smart investment portfolio.

  1. Industrial networking:

Zameen Expos provide exhibitors the opportunity to develop their market networks. This helps developers and real estate agents to explore and enter new local markets themselves or through partnerships. This helps the realty market to form connections eventually enabling availability of property inventory in different markets across the country. The Expo essentially removes hesitation barriers and builds collaboration across the realty industry.

  1. Best Exhibition Spaces:

Zameen Expos choose only the best Expo Centres across the country with ease of access, ample parking and vast spaces for big exhibitions. Which is why Karachi Expo Centre, Lahore Expo Centre and Pakistan-China Friendship Centre Islamabad are regular addresses for Zameen Expos. The venue is chosen as such to house all people in and provide them with a comfortable environment so they can have a good time with their families as well. This is probably why a lot of families visit the venue as well and are able to spend long hours, being captivated by all the activities. This also holds true for premium developers and real estate agencies that feel confident in the Zameen Expo to aptly portray their brands.

  1. Best Event Managers:

Zameen Expo Team is the best when it comes to organizing property exhibitions. All aspects from facilitating exhibitors, setup of stalls, venue branding, lighting, safety arrangements and visitor experience are managed to the last detail. Every exhibitor stall is assigned a manager and the entire Zameen Expo Team is always present for assistance to visitors. Zameen Expo treats both exhibitors and visitors as family and this can be seen and felt at the venue of the Expo.

  1. Extensive marketing and visibility

Zameen Expo Team plans and carries out extensive marketing and visibility campaigns that help develop a common narrative bringing exhibitors and visitors together. The Expo Team ensures that event details reach everyone through television, social media and outdoor advertising. By the time the Expo opens for public people have already marked their calendars.

  1. Family friendly and fun

Zameen Expos have come to be known as family events: Safe, decent and entertaining with rewarding activities for everyone. The Zameen Expo Team ensures that the venue is set to family friendly standards with attention to refreshment and entertainment needs for a fun filled family weekend. This way the family gets to avail a once a year opportunity to plan their property investments and yet spend the weekend together in an enjoyable manner. This is a key reason why thousands of families throng the Zameen Expos nationwide.

As a part of the Expo, there is always a food court, kids’ play area, lucky draw, wheel of fortune, and virtual reality tours; all of which are a huge hit with the families. While parents remain occupied in their pursuit of properties, children are able to have fun with face painting experts, jumping castle, Zameen Hut, iBooth and much more. iBooth has always been a hit with families, along with virtual reality tours.

Expectation this year is for the event to be even bigger and even brighter! Zameen Expo will  bring the first instalment for 2018 to Karachi on January 6th and 7th in Halls 4 and 5 at the Expo Centre located on University Road Karachi. It is a unique experience to visit the Zameen Expo and one cannot wonder enough on more to expect this time around. Any one going? Let us know in the comments below.

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