Readup.PK Helps You Get Your Literary Works Published and Promoted Online Easily

‘We believe that to promote more readership in Pakistan, a good story should cost less than a cup of tea, and a good book less than a cup of coffee.’

This statement sums up the vision of the brains behind, a Pakistan digital publishing house that aims to promote and preserve the voice and works of local authors.

The purpose of ReadUp is to promote digital publications and readership in Pakistan by publishing original works of fiction and non-fiction, improve access to masses, increase industry collaboration, bring down publishing cost and promote new voices for English as well as regional languages.

ReadUp is currently incubated at 10xC Seed Fund & Accelerator.

The People Behind Pakistan’s Newest Digital Publishing House

Team ReadUp currently consist of 4 core team members:

  • Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi (CEO)
  • Jamaluddin (CMO)
  • M Waqas Pervaiz (CTO)
  • Usman Hussain (Senior Web Engineer)

They believed that traditional publishing industry is slowly but surely dying out, and that authors need to ensure that their works are preserved for posterity by going digital. Local Pakistani literature needs the push and outreach that only the world wide web can offer, and ReadUp.Pk aims to become that one-stop platform for local authors and writers.

Perfect for Book Readers and Writers

Reading books has become an expensive hobby, with the costs of your favorite novels and resources going over the roof. Works by celebrated Urdu poets and writers are becoming harder to come by, and becoming more expensive as a result.

ReadUp’s digitalizing strategy aims to give local writers the audience they need, and that too at a cost that is suited for the average connoisseur of literature in Pakistan. All of the books can be easily accessible via your smartphone at

Doing this can ensure that the costs associated with getting your works published are dramatically slashed, and that more and more upcoming writers can get their big literary break by exposing their ideas and works of fiction with millions of readers instantly.


New and known names have joined ReadUp platform to share their stories with the masses. These include:

  • Aamer Hussein (The Early Stories)
  • Shamila Ghyas and Humeira Kazmi (Aoife & the Demon)
  • Majid Kazmi (The First Dancer)

An anthology, called Past, Present and Future, is also published with mostly new writers. ReadUp has committed to provide free access for books from public domain. Which means you no longer need to pay for Jane Austin or other classics if they are already available on ReadUp app.

Already Up and Serving Bibliophiles!

ReadUp went live on 1st December 2017.

ReadUp is not only bringing existing literature to the people but also bringing new voices in the form of anthology as well as short stories. Using ReadUp app (currently only Android), readers can discover new authors and read a variety of works at click of a button.

  • Thats such a great platform. Keep up the great work. Can everyone get their work published? Like short stories or poetry?

    • Hello Sarah, thank you for your kind words :)
      Yes, Pakistani authors can publish their short stories and poetry on the app. However, we will first be ensuring the quality. If our editors agree, then the work will be published. Otherwise we will get back to the author with comments and how they can improve their work.

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