WhatsApp Shattered All Messaging Records at This New Year’s Eve

World’s most popular messaging app has shattered all messaging records as its users sent about 75 billion messages in a single day on New Year’s Eve. Previous record of 63 billion messages in a single day was also set on New Year’s Eve in 2016.


According to a statement by WhatsApp, 75 billion messages include more than 5 billion videos and 13 billion images sent worldwide. WhatsApp has about 1.3 billion monthly active users and nearly 300 million daily active users.

Despite being down for a few hours, WhatsApp easily managed to break the previous record by a good 12 billion messages.

According to WhatsApp spokesperson, the app was back online after an hour, however, there are reports that the app was down for more than 2 hours in several areas of the world on New Year’s Eve.

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The never-decreasing popularity of WhatsApp also has to do some of the new features that the company introduced. The Facebook-owned messaging app introduced various updates over the year including:

  • Deleting sent messages from receiver’s side,
  • New status update,
  • Stories (Snapchat clone though),
  • Live location sharing